Steam Market Pricelist

All prices are updated every 30 minutes from the Steam Community Market based on the cheapest item available at the time. Prices listed include fees.

Note: Converted price is based on the price of keys found in the Pricelist. Updated 6 seconds ago.

Item Converted Buyer Seller Available
100% Battle Bonus (2 Hours)5.22 rares0.460.40342
100-Proof Jug0.91 rares0.080.06497
1100 Compendium Points142.99 rares, 4.14 keys12.6010.9616
175% Battle Point Booster (3 Days)24.74 rares2.181.9095
175% Battle Point Booster (6 Days)48.35 rares, 1.40 keys4.263.7068
180% Battle Point Booster (500 minutes)12.03 rares1.060.92142
200 Compendium Points7.49 rares0.660.57194
200% Battle Bonus (2 Hours)13.28 rares1.171.02234
2013 National Electronic Sports Tournament43.01 rares, 1.25 keys3.793.303
2014 Player Card Pack0.45 rares0.040.0263382
2014 Player Card: 14370.34 rares0.030.0114623
2014 Player Card: ARS-ART0.34 rares0.030.0114001
2014 Player Card: AdmiralBulldog0.34 rares0.030.0111312
2014 Player Card: Akke0.34 rares0.030.0110375
2014 Player Card: Alwayswannafly0.34 rares0.030.0120414
2014 Player Card: Arteezy0.34 rares0.030.0114992
2014 Player Card: Aui_20000.34 rares0.030.0117176
2014 Player Card: Ayo0.34 rares0.030.0113273
2014 Player Card: Black0.34 rares0.030.0113602
2014 Player Card: Bone70.34 rares0.030.0116923
2014 Player Card: Brax0.34 rares0.030.0112762
2014 Player Card: BuLba0.34 rares0.030.0112045
2014 Player Card: Burning0.34 rares0.030.0111069
2014 Player Card: Chuan0.34 rares0.030.0118062
2014 Player Card: DD0.34 rares0.030.0112859
2014 Player Card: DDC0.34 rares0.030.0112441
2014 Player Card: Dendi0.34 rares0.030.017258
2014 Player Card: EGM0.34 rares0.030.018857
2014 Player Card: Era0.34 rares0.030.0115729
2014 Player Card: EternalEnvy0.34 rares0.030.0115866
2014 Player Card: FATA0.34 rares0.030.0112285
2014 Player Card: Faith0.34 rares0.030.0118494
2014 Player Card: Fear0.34 rares0.030.0116134
2014 Player Card: Fenrir0.34 rares0.030.0117897
2014 Player Card: Ferrari_4300.34 rares0.030.0117845
2014 Player Card: Fly0.34 rares0.030.0116203
2014 Player Card: FoREv0.34 rares0.030.0112151
2014 Player Card: Fogged0.34 rares0.030.0111544
2014 Player Card: Funn1k0.34 rares0.030.016579
2014 Player Card: God0.34 rares0.030.0112286
2014 Player Card: H4nn10.34 rares0.030.0116582
2014 Player Card: Hao0.34 rares0.030.0116731
2014 Player Card: Heen0.34 rares0.030.0111786
2014 Player Card: IceIceIce0.34 rares0.030.0110362
2014 Player Card: IllidanSTR0.68 rares0.060.04733
2014 Player Card: JoHnNy0.34 rares0.030.0112885
2014 Player Card: JotM0.34 rares0.030.0111668
2014 Player Card: June0.34 rares0.030.0111876
2014 Player Card: Korok0.34 rares0.030.0111762
2014 Player Card: Kuroky0.34 rares0.030.016733
2014 Player Card: KyXy0.34 rares0.030.0119437
2014 Player Card: Lance0.34 rares0.030.0112684
2014 Player Card: Lanm0.34 rares0.030.019888
2014 Player Card: Lin0.34 rares0.030.0111308
2014 Player Card: Loda0.34 rares0.030.018466
2014 Player Card: Luo0.34 rares0.030.0117305
2014 Player Card: MMY0.34 rares0.030.0110101
2014 Player Card: MOZuN-0.34 rares0.030.0112399
2014 Player Card: MSS0.34 rares0.030.0110201
2014 Player Card: Mag0.34 rares0.030.0117576
2014 Player Card: March0.34 rares0.030.0111414
2014 Player Card: Mason0.34 rares0.030.016011
2014 Player Card: MiSeRy0.34 rares0.030.0111693
2014 Player Card: Mu0.34 rares0.030.0117168
2014 Player Card: Mushi0.34 rares0.030.019827
2014 Player Card: N0tail0.34 rares0.030.0115128
2014 Player Card: NS0.34 rares0.030.0111049
2014 Player Card: Net0.34 rares0.030.0119241
2014 Player Card: Ohaiyo0.34 rares0.030.0118801
2014 Player Card: PPD0.34 rares0.030.0114442
2014 Player Card: Pajkatt0.34 rares0.030.0110993
2014 Player Card: Pegasus0.34 rares0.030.0111323
2014 Player Card: PieLieDie0.34 rares0.030.0115707
2014 Player Card: Puppey0.34 rares0.030.016160
2014 Player Card: QO0.34 rares0.030.0111403
2014 Player Card: ROTK0.34 rares0.030.0117284
2014 Player Card: Rabbit0.34 rares0.030.0112318
2014 Player Card: Reisen0.34 rares0.030.0111378
2014 Player Card: Resolut1on0.34 rares0.030.0117446
2014 Player Card: SanSheng0.34 rares0.030.0116765
2014 Player Card: Silent0.34 rares0.030.0117783
2014 Player Card: SingSing0.34 rares0.030.0111369
2014 Player Card: Sneyking0.34 rares0.030.0111145
2014 Player Card: Super0.34 rares0.030.0117207
2014 Player Card: Sylar0.34 rares0.030.0116106
2014 Player Card: TC0.34 rares0.030.0111547
2014 Player Card: Trixi0.34 rares0.030.0115960
2014 Player Card: Universe0.34 rares0.030.0114923
2014 Player Card: Vanskor0.34 rares0.030.0118001
2014 Player Card: Wayto0.68 rares0.060.04771
2014 Player Card: XBOCT0.34 rares0.030.016771
2014 Player Card: Xiangzaiii0.57 rares0.050.03781
2014 Player Card: Xtinct0.45 rares0.040.021004
2014 Player Card: YYF0.34 rares0.030.01895
2014 Player Card: Yamateh0.34 rares0.030.011222
2014 Player Card: Yao0.79 rares0.070.05685
2014 Player Card: Zai0.68 rares0.060.04854
2014 Player Card: banana0.34 rares0.030.0118047
2014 Player Card: ddz0.34 rares0.030.0112929
2014 Player Card: demons0.34 rares0.030.0112169
2014 Player Card: fy0.34 rares0.030.0117484
2014 Player Card: inflame0.34 rares0.030.0111638
2014 Player Card: paS0.34 rares0.030.0111294
2014 Player Card: qojqva0.34 rares0.030.0111213
2014 Player Card: s40.34 rares0.030.018152
2014 Player Card: xiao80.57 rares0.050.03873
2400 Compendium Points265.67 rares, 7.70 keys23.4120.3639
25 Compendium Points0.68 rares0.060.04175162
400% Battle Point Booster (500 minutes)567.43 rares, 16.45 keys50.0043.481
4Players League298.58 rares, 8.65 keys26.3122.881
500 Compendium Points84.77 rares, 2.46 keys7.476.5021
500% Battle Point Booster (500 minutes)289.39 rares, 8.39 keys25.5022.1718
500% Prosperous Battle Point Booster (500 minutes)226.75 rares, 6.57 keys19.9817.3734
75% Battle Bonus (2 Hours)3.06 rares0.270.23611
75% Battle Point Booster (3 Days)151.96 rares, 4.40 keys13.3911.641
75% Battle Point Booster (6 Days)68.09 rares, 1.97 keys6.005.222
80% Battle Point Booster (500 minutes)1,629.10 rares, 47.22 keys143.55124.831
A Bit of Boat23.83 rares2.101.83183
A Dire Gaze1.36 rares0.120.10267
AD2L Season 4 WTS 1v121.90 rares1.931.684
AEGIS Gaming League 242.44 rares, 1.23 keys3.743.253
AL Pennant2.72 rares0.240.2145
AMD D2M League45.39 rares, 1.32 keys4.003.481
AMD Dota2 Premier League122.11 rares, 3.54 keys10.769.361
AMD Dota2 Premier League Season 239.72 rares, 1.15 keys3.503.045
AOC Pro Cup Season 1731.65 rares, 21.21 keys64.4756.062
ASUS ROG Dota 2 Cup17.59 rares1.551.351
ASUS ROG DreamLeague113.26 rares, 3.28 keys9.988.681
ASUS ROG DreamLeague Season 1192.02 rares, 5.57 keys16.9214.7111
ASUS ROG DreamLeague Season 1 - No Contribution147.53 rares, 4.28 keys13.0011.303
ASUS ROG Insomnia52 Dota 2 Cup33.93 rares, 0.98 keys2.992.602
Abdomen of Perception0.34 rares0.030.014248
AbsoluteArena King of the Hill70.93 rares, 2.06 keys6.255.431
Abyssal Hellclaw4.54 rares0.400.3545
Accursed Scrolls of Tang-Ki2.84 rares0.250.2233
Aceh Dota Classic26.22 rares, 0.76 keys2.312.014
Acolyte of Clasz Set28.37 rares, 0.82 keys2.502.171
Acolyte of Vengeance15.09 rares1.331.16150
Acolyte of Vengeance Armor0.68 rares0.060.04254
Acolyte of Vengeance Belt1.02 rares0.090.0786
Acolyte of Vengeance Bracers0.68 rares0.060.04185
Acolyte of Vengeance Loading Screen0.57 rares0.050.03502
Acolyte of Vengeance Mask6.36 rares0.560.4997
Acolyte of Vengeance Offhand0.45 rares0.040.02948
Acolyte of Vengeance Shoulder Guards0.79 rares0.070.05121
Acolyte of Vengeance Weapon0.45 rares0.040.02876
Admiral's Foraged Cap0.57 rares0.050.034274
Admiral's Salty Shawl0.45 rares0.040.023415
Admiral's Stash0.45 rares0.040.023134
Adornment of the Clergy Ascetic0.34 rares0.030.013072
Adornments of Blight Set86.14 rares, 2.50 keys7.596.601
Adornments of the Ember Crane0.34 rares0.030.013862
Aegis of the Storm4.31 rares0.380.33172
Aerocool Dota 2 Gaming Challenge Brazil223.91 rares, 6.49 keys19.7317.161
Aether-Wings49.59 rares, 1.44 keys4.373.8026
Aethereal Crescent Wand1.25 rares0.110.0974
Aged Spirit of Tide10.10 rares0.890.77212
Aghanim's Basher51.07 rares, 1.48 keys4.503.9195
Ahm'Hedoq the Maw2.04 rares0.180.16648
Ainidul the Eternal5.45 rares0.480.4253
Akakiryu of a Thousand Faces4.31 rares0.380.33163
Alchemists Infuser0.34 rares0.030.0112740
Alchemy Essentials Set34.05 rares, 0.99 keys3.002.611
Alliance HUD24.97 rares2.201.9138
Alliance HUD Bundle43.69 rares, 1.27 keys3.853.356
Alliance Loading Screen3.18 rares0.280.2435
Alphid of Lecaciida1.70 rares0.150.13277
Alpine Stalker's Gloves4,539.47 rares, 131.58 keys, 1.77 tbrs400.00347.831
Alpine Stalker's Pants4,539.47 rares, 131.58 keys, 1.77 tbrs400.00347.831
Alpine Stalker's Scarf4,539.47 rares, 131.58 keys, 1.77 tbrs400.00347.831
Amateur Dota 2 League Season 1 - Playoffs17.02 rares1.501.306
Amateur Dota 2 League Season 2123.02 rares, 3.57 keys10.849.431
Amateur Dota 2 League Season 343.92 rares, 1.27 keys3.873.374
Amateur Dota 2 League Season 3 Invitational94.31 rares, 2.73 keys8.317.231
Amateur Dota 2 League Season 3 Invitational Ticket35.41 rares, 1.03 keys3.122.712
Amateur Dota 2 League Season 443.69 rares, 1.27 keys3.853.354
Amberlight Armlets0.57 rares0.050.03110
Amberlight Hood0.91 rares0.080.06205
Amberlight Loading Screen0.57 rares0.050.03286
Amberlight Raiment11.24 rares0.990.86126
Amberlight Sarong0.91 rares0.080.0671
Amberlight Shawl0.34 rares0.030.014010
Amberlight Spear0.68 rares0.060.04134
Ambinderath's Jaw0.91 rares0.080.06506
American Dota League Season 257.31 rares, 1.66 keys5.054.391
American Dota League Season 2 Ticket8.85 rares0.780.686
Amphibian Kid75.81 rares, 2.20 keys6.685.8111
Ancestors' Belt0.68 rares0.060.04264
Ancestors' Edge0.45 rares0.040.02404
Ancestors' Pauldron2.04 rares0.180.16154
Ancestors' Pride Set22.70 rares2.001.741
Ancestors' Vambrace0.57 rares0.050.03348
Ancestral Arm Wrap0.79 rares0.070.05365
Ancestral Axes of Karroch0.57 rares0.050.03435
Ancestral Belt of Karroch0.57 rares0.050.03432
Ancestral Bracers of Karroch0.45 rares0.040.02485
Ancestral Cloak3.52 rares0.310.27180
Ancestral Dress1.02 rares0.090.07320
Ancestral Hair of Karroch0.91 rares0.080.06203
Ancestral Headdress1.48 rares0.130.11212
Ancestral Luck Loading Screen1,134.87 rares, 32.89 keys100.0086.961
Ancestral Luck Set147.53 rares, 4.28 keys13.0011.301
Ancestral Medicine Stick1.93 rares0.170.15193
Ancestral Trappings Set137.21 rares, 3.98 keys12.0910.511
Ancestral Vest of Karroch0.79 rares0.070.05220
Ancient Armor Arms0.34 rares0.030.014759
Ancient Armor Back0.57 rares0.050.031181
Ancient Armor Breastplates0.34 rares0.030.014011
Ancient Armor Helmet0.79 rares0.070.05625
Ancient Armor Set10.10 rares0.890.7783
Ancient Armor Shoulder Shields0.45 rares0.040.021149
Ancient Bonds0.45 rares0.040.02365
Ancient Cage1.25 rares0.110.09108
Ancient Crasher0.79 rares0.070.05426
Ancient Crescent0.79 rares0.070.05440
Ancient Crown1.82 rares0.160.14163
Ancient Cultist11.12 rares0.980.85336
Ancient Imbued Spinal Blade0.34 rares0.030.0112611
Ancient Knots0.57 rares0.050.03725
Ancient Link0.57 rares0.050.03932
Ancient Mask of Intimidation1.13 rares0.100.08431
Ancient Scroll Case4.31 rares0.380.333544
Ancient Slithereen Basher0.68 rares0.060.04140
Andalmere the Litigon24.51 rares2.161.88133
Angel's Tournament30.64 rares, 0.89 keys2.702.353
Angel's Tournament Season 2272.37 rares, 7.89 keys24.0020.874
Angler Tail of the Deep1.70 rares0.150.1339
Anguilla0.79 rares0.070.051490
Announcer: Axe1.82 rares0.160.14301
Announcer: Bastion6.01 rares0.530.46273
Announcer: Clockwerk2.16 rares0.190.17239
Announcer: Death Prophet25.19 rares2.221.9310
Announcer: Defense Grid2.38 rares0.210.18116
Announcer: Dr. Kleiner1.93 rares0.170.15331
Announcer: GLaDOS10.55 rares0.930.81152
Announcer: Juggernaut1.70 rares0.150.13295
Announcer: Lina10.10 rares0.890.77177
Announcer: Nature's Prophet1.36 rares0.120.10373
Announcer: Pirate Captain2.04 rares0.180.16260
Announcer: Pyrion Flax19.86 rares1.751.52139
Announcer: Storm Spirit4.20 rares0.370.32184
Announcer: The Stanley Parable27.69 rares, 0.80 keys2.442.12131
Announcer: Trine2.72 rares0.240.21159
Announcer: Tusk1.36 rares0.120.10362
Anointed Armor of Ruination87.61 rares, 2.54 keys7.726.711
Antennae of the Master Weaver0.45 rares0.040.022635
Antiquity20.09 rares1.771.5415
Anunkasan1.48 rares0.130.11393
Aperture Science Wardcore26.44 rares, 0.77 keys2.332.0388
Aqwanderer Boots0.57 rares0.050.03564
Aqwanderer Bracers0.45 rares0.040.02508
Aqwanderer Carapace0.91 rares0.080.06304
Aqwanderer Crown1.02 rares0.090.07318
Aqwanderer Neckbrace0.34 rares0.030.012453
Aqwanderer Set173.63 rares, 5.03 keys15.3013.301
Araceae's Tribute Bracelets0.34 rares0.030.0111055
Araceae's Tribute Hair0.79 rares0.070.052840
Araceae's Tribute Necklace0.34 rares0.030.014021
Araceae's Tribute Set445.10 rares, 12.90 keys39.2234.101
Araceae's Tribute Skirt0.34 rares0.030.0111310
Araceae's Tribute Spear0.34 rares0.030.014253
Arc of Manta22.58 rares1.991.73297
Arc of Manta - Off-Hand20.88 rares1.841.60369
Arc of the Northern Wind0.34 rares0.030.013039
Arc of the Solar Divine0.79 rares0.070.05559
Arcane Drapings0.79 rares0.070.051738
Arcane Fist0.34 rares0.030.016647
Arcane Shield0.34 rares0.030.013534
Arcane Sight0.34 rares0.030.013296
Arcane Staff of the Ancients12.94 rares1.140.99134
Arcs of Manta Pack56.29 rares, 1.63 keys4.964.31589
Arctic Bracers of the North0.34 rares0.030.012578
Arctic Hunter Set261.02 rares, 7.57 keys23.0020.002
Arctic Hunter's Glove0.79 rares0.070.05333
Arctic Hunter's Hood2.04 rares0.180.16141
Arctic Hunter's Ice Axe2.16 rares0.190.17150
Arctic Hunter's Parka2.95 rares0.260.23112
Arctic Hunter's Snack0.79 rares0.070.05393
Arctic Hunter's Tusks1.13 rares0.100.08170
Ardor of the Scarlet Raven Set35.98 rares, 1.04 keys3.172.761
Aria of the Wild Wind5.33 rares0.470.4143
Aria of the Wild Wind Set92.04 rares, 2.67 keys8.117.052
Arm Fins of the Deepweed Drowner2.72 rares0.240.2157
Arm Guards of Prosperity0.34 rares0.030.0112391
Arm Harness of Incantations0.79 rares0.070.05240
Armageddon Dota 2 Grand Slam!30.07 rares, 0.87 keys2.652.303
Armaments of Leviathan Set39.15 rares, 1.13 keys3.453.001
Armaments of the Dragon Emperor Set11.24 rares0.990.86104
Armblade of the Chiseled Guard0.34 rares0.030.016389
Armguard of the Steppe0.57 rares0.050.03873
Armguard of the Warbringer2.61 rares0.230.2070
Armguards of the Penitent Nomad0.34 rares0.030.011201
Armlet of Renewed Faith0.57 rares0.050.03798
Armlet of the Dragon Guard0.34 rares0.030.019764
Armlets of Command0.34 rares0.030.014121
Armlets of Teardrop Ice0.34 rares0.030.012717
Armlets of the Falling Comet0.45 rares0.040.021468
Armor from the Gloom0.57 rares0.050.03680
Armor of Cicatrix Regalia4.54 rares0.400.3562
Armor of Corruption10.55 rares0.930.8112
Armor of Distant Sands0.45 rares0.040.02807
Armor of Eternal Eclipse0.34 rares0.030.014455
Armor of Eternal Fire4.54 rares0.400.3535
Armor of Eternal Reign25.53 rares2.251.9615
Armor of Omexe1.13 rares0.100.08246
Armor of Renewed Faith Set58.45 rares, 1.69 keys5.154.482
Armor of Thunderwrath's Calling3.06 rares0.270.23156
Armor of Twisted Wisdom2.16 rares0.190.1792
Armor of a Savage Age0.34 rares0.030.012035
Armor of the Black Bird2.38 rares0.210.1878
Armor of the Deep2.16 rares0.190.1755
Armor of the Drake1.13 rares0.100.08287
Armor of the Frozen Blood1.36 rares0.120.1082
Armor of the Hunter2.16 rares0.190.1756
Armor of the Lucent Gate0.91 rares0.080.0630
Armor of the Mage Slayer0.57 rares0.050.031221
Armor of the Purist Champion0.57 rares0.050.03829
Armor of the Radiant Crusader0.45 rares0.040.021801
Armor of the Sanguine Moon Set52.09 rares, 1.51 keys4.593.991
Armor of the Slithereen Exile3.06 rares0.270.23167
Armor of the Tentacular Timelord0.79 rares0.070.051031
Armor of the Twin Blades15.32 rares1.351.1722
Armor of the Twisted Arc1.13 rares0.100.08274
Armor of the Warbringer7.04 rares0.620.5458
Armor of the Warstomp Clan353.97 rares, 10.26 keys31.1927.122
Armor of the Witch Hunter1.25 rares0.110.0941
Armor of the World Splitter1.02 rares0.090.0763
Armored Exoskeleton Arms0.45 rares0.040.021288
Armored Exoskeleton Back0.68 rares0.060.04474
Armored Exoskeleton Legs0.45 rares0.040.021169
Armored Exoskeleton Wings17.02 rares1.501.30117
Armory Expander8.06 rares0.710.623621
Armour of The Iron Drakken26.56 rares, 0.77 keys2.342.0332
Armour of the Exiled Ronin0.68 rares0.060.042217
Arms of Burning Turmoil Set46.64 rares, 1.35 keys4.113.5722
Arms of Deep Magma0.34 rares0.030.014220
Arms of Eternal Fire1.93 rares0.170.1534
Arms of Eternal Reign0.34 rares0.030.017859
Arms of the Black Wind Raven56.74 rares, 1.64 keys5.004.358
Arms of the Bladebreaker Order Set70.93 rares, 2.06 keys6.255.431
Arms of the Bramble Lord Set6.36 rares0.560.49178
Arms of the Cryogenic Embrace0.34 rares0.030.0111248
Arms of the Deep Vault Guardian Set177.04 rares, 5.13 keys15.6013.571
Arms of the Eternal Seasons0.34 rares0.030.01947
Arms of the Gwimyeon Warrior Set21.56 rares1.901.6532
Arms of the Master Weaver0.34 rares0.030.017272
Arms of the Scouring Dunes2.38 rares0.210.1865
Arms of the Silent Champion0.34 rares0.030.018696
Arms of the Valkyrie0.68 rares0.060.04187
Armwraps of Shades2.72 rares0.240.2116
Arnabus the Fairy Rabbit3.06 rares0.270.23208
Array of Tranquility Loading Screen0.79 rares0.070.0570
Arsenal Forge7.83 rares0.690.60366
Arsenal Magus Loading Screen6.24 rares0.550.4875
Arsenal of the Demonic Vessel150.82 rares, 4.37 keys13.2911.568
Artificer's Chisel10.67 rares0.940.82530
Artificer's Hammer3.97 rares0.350.302063
Artillery of the Crested Cannoneer Set188.50 rares, 5.46 keys16.6114.441
Artisan of Havoc17.93 rares1.581.37284
Artisan of Havoc Armor2.38 rares0.210.1866
Artisan of Havoc Helmet5.22 rares0.460.40113
Artisan of Havoc Hook2.27 rares0.200.1777
Artisan of Havoc Loading Screen0.57 rares0.050.03130
Artisan of Havoc Rocket2.27 rares0.200.1743
Arts of War Open226.75 rares, 6.57 keys19.9817.371
AsacsPLAY League Season 1328.54 rares, 9.52 keys28.9525.173
Ashborn Horns1.02 rares0.090.07181
Ashtongue2.84 rares0.250.2272
Asian Cyber Games Invitational: Best of the Best1,921.33 rares, 55.69 keys169.30147.222
Asian Cyber Games: Call for the Beauties226.75 rares, 6.57 keys19.9817.371
Aspect Mask of Fulminant Rage1.59 rares0.140.12171
Aspect Wraps of the High Plains0.45 rares0.040.022556
Aspects of Summer10.78 rares0.950.8328
Assembly Winter 201430.75 rares, 0.89 keys2.712.362
Assistant's Blades of Scientific Inquiry0.57 rares0.050.03614
Assistant's Cutter1.13 rares0.100.08192
Assistant's Muscle Pump0.91 rares0.080.06236
Assistant's Respirator4.54 rares0.400.35164
Astrological Sign Championship77.63 rares, 2.25 keys6.845.954
Astrological Sign Championship Ticket1.70 rares0.150.1327
Ataxia1.02 rares0.090.07462
Augur's Armor0.34 rares0.030.012887
Augur's Belt0.34 rares0.030.018442
Augur's Bounty104.63 rares, 3.03 keys9.228.0228
Augur's Ghosts0.79 rares0.070.051844
Augur's Hair0.34 rares0.030.013653
Augur's Skirt0.34 rares0.030.018696
Augury's Guardian3.86 rares0.340.30168
Auspex of the Inauspicious Abyss1.48 rares0.130.11197
Auspice of Iczoxtotec1.13 rares0.100.0898
Auspicious A Dire Gaze1.13 rares0.100.08132
Auspicious Abdomen of Perception1.25 rares0.110.0913
Auspicious Admiral's Foraged Cap0.57 rares0.050.03208
Auspicious Admiral's Salty Shawl0.57 rares0.050.03191
Auspicious Admiral's Stash0.57 rares0.050.03252
Auspicious Adornment of the Clergy Ascetic0.45 rares0.040.02166
Auspicious Adornments of the Ember Crane5.67 rares0.500.4313
Auspicious Aether-Wings23.38 rares2.061.79105
Auspicious Alchemists Infuser0.34 rares0.030.01382
Auspicious Alphid of Lecaciida1.59 rares0.140.12197
Auspicious Amberlight Shawl1.02 rares0.090.077
Auspicious Ancient Armor Arms0.34 rares0.030.01372
Auspicious Ancient Armor Back0.57 rares0.050.0386
Auspicious Ancient Armor Breastplates0.45 rares0.040.02241
Auspicious Ancient Armor Helmet0.79 rares0.070.05147
Auspicious Ancient Armor Shoulder Shields0.45 rares0.040.02129
Auspicious Ancient Imbued Spinal Blade0.45 rares0.040.02398
Auspicious Announcer: Axe1.70 rares0.150.13183
Auspicious Announcer: Bastion4.77 rares0.420.37132
Auspicious Announcer: Clockwerk6.92 rares0.610.5314
Auspicious Announcer: Defense Grid2.16 rares0.190.17155
Auspicious Announcer: Dr. Kleiner7.83 rares0.690.6012
Auspicious Announcer: GLaDOS8.51 rares0.750.65100
Auspicious Announcer: Juggernaut1.82 rares0.160.14187
Auspicious Announcer: Lina9.53 rares0.840.73101
Auspicious Announcer: Nature's Prophet1.13 rares0.100.08218
Auspicious Announcer: Pirate Captain5.90 rares0.520.4517
Auspicious Announcer: Storm Spirit3.18 rares0.280.24113
Auspicious Announcer: The Stanley Parable78.31 rares, 2.27 keys6.906.003
Auspicious Announcer: Trine2.16 rares0.190.17149
Auspicious Announcer: Tusk1.25 rares0.110.09187
Auspicious Antennae of the Master Weaver0.45 rares0.040.0286
Auspicious Aqwanderer Boots0.57 rares0.050.03116
Auspicious Aqwanderer Bracers0.45 rares0.040.02114
Auspicious Aqwanderer Carapace0.79 rares0.070.05150
Auspicious Aqwanderer Crown0.79 rares0.070.05158
Auspicious Aqwanderer Neckbrace0.34 rares0.030.01333
Auspicious Araceae's Tribute Bracelets0.34 rares0.030.01310
Auspicious Araceae's Tribute Hair0.79 rares0.070.05269
Auspicious Araceae's Tribute Necklace0.45 rares0.040.02161
Auspicious Araceae's Tribute Skirt0.34 rares0.030.01345
Auspicious Araceae's Tribute Spear0.45 rares0.040.02126
Auspicious Arc of the Northern Wind0.34 rares0.030.01338
Auspicious Arcane Drapings0.79 rares0.070.05256
Auspicious Arcane Fist0.34 rares0.030.01447
Auspicious Arcane Shield0.34 rares0.030.01205
Auspicious Arcane Sight0.34 rares0.030.01187
Auspicious Arctic Bracers of the North0.45 rares0.040.02353
Auspicious Arm Guards of Prosperity1.93 rares0.170.1515
Auspicious Armaments of the Dragon Emperor Set91.02 rares, 2.64 keys8.026.976
Auspicious Armblade of the Chiseled Guard0.45 rares0.040.02318
Auspicious Armguard of the Steppe0.57 rares0.050.03148
Auspicious Armlet of the Dragon Guard2.72 rares0.240.216
Auspicious Armlets of Command0.34 rares0.030.01148
Auspicious Armlets of Teardrop Ice0.57 rares0.050.03117
Auspicious Armor from the Gloom0.68 rares0.060.04129
Auspicious Armor of Eternal Eclipse0.34 rares0.030.01145
Auspicious Armor of the Tentacular Timelord5.22 rares0.460.4014
Auspicious Armour of The Iron Drakken64.12 rares, 1.86 keys5.654.9110
Auspicious Armour of the Exiled Ronin0.79 rares0.070.0593
Auspicious Arms of Deep Magma12.94 rares1.140.994
Auspicious Arms of Eternal Reign2.84 rares0.250.224
Auspicious Arms of the Cryogenic Embrace0.34 rares0.030.01325
Auspicious Arms of the Master Weaver0.45 rares0.040.02174
Auspicious Arms of the Silent Champion3.40 rares0.300.267
Auspicious Arnabus the Fairy Rabbit2.84 rares0.250.22175
Auspicious Arsenal Forge11.35 rares1.000.8714
Auspicious Ataxia0.91 rares0.080.06163
Auspicious Augur's Armor0.45 rares0.040.02108
Auspicious Augur's Belt0.34 rares0.030.01428
Auspicious Augur's Ghosts0.79 rares0.070.05229
Auspicious Augur's Hair0.45 rares0.040.02188
Auspicious Augur's Skirt0.34 rares0.030.01462
Auspicious Avon of the Crescent Moon2.84 rares0.250.22194
Auspicious Axe of the Black Death Executioner8.74 rares0.770.6711
Auspicious Axe of the Red Conqueror0.91 rares0.080.06129
Auspicious Azuremir5.22 rares0.460.40173
Auspicious Baby Roshan33.93 rares, 0.98 keys2.992.60151
Auspicious Back of the Cryogenic Embrace0.79 rares0.070.0557
Auspicious Back of the Master Weaver0.79 rares0.070.05193
Auspicious Ball-n-Chains of the Black Death21.56 rares1.901.655
Auspicious Band Of Summoning1.13 rares0.100.0815
Auspicious Bardings of the First Light0.45 rares0.040.02137
Auspicious Barrier Shard Axe0.57 rares0.050.03181
Auspicious Battlefury441.46 rares, 12.80 keys38.9033.8368
Auspicious Battleseeker Arms0.57 rares0.050.03104
Auspicious Battleseeker Belt0.45 rares0.040.02292
Auspicious Battleseeker Helmet1.13 rares0.100.08172
Auspicious Battleseeker Shoulders0.57 rares0.050.03140
Auspicious Beard of the Woodland Outcast0.34 rares0.030.01371
Auspicious Beautiful Haunting0.91 rares0.080.06228
Auspicious Belt of Ancestral Luck1.02 rares0.090.0760
Auspicious Belt of Deep Magma13.85 rares1.221.066
Auspicious Belt of Delicacies of Butchery10.10 rares0.890.774
Auspicious Belt of Fury0.45 rares0.040.02254
Auspicious Belt of Teardrop Ice0.79 rares0.070.05197
Auspicious Belt of The Iron Drakken17.02 rares1.501.306
Auspicious Belt of the Arsenal Magus7.15 rares0.630.557
Auspicious Belt of the Blood Covenant0.45 rares0.040.02319
Auspicious Belt of the Cryogenic Embrace0.34 rares0.030.01273
Auspicious Belt of the Eternal Light0.68 rares0.060.0480
Auspicious Belt of the Forest Hermit0.34 rares0.030.01373
Auspicious Belt of the Radiant Protector0.91 rares0.080.0629
Auspicious Belt of the Scarlet Raven0.45 rares0.040.02261
Auspicious Belts from the Gloom0.45 rares0.040.02298
Auspicious Berserker's Witchslayer3.97 rares0.350.30119
Auspicious Bertha the Morde-bat1.36 rares0.120.10259
Auspicious Bite of the Slithereen Knight - Off-Hand0.45 rares0.040.02368
Auspicious Black Boots of the Voyager0.45 rares0.040.02304
Auspicious Blade of Endless Havoc0.45 rares0.040.02181
Auspicious Blade of Endless Power12.48 rares1.100.9621
Auspicious Blade of Eternal Reign4.88 rares0.430.3712
Auspicious Blade of the Abyss0.34 rares0.030.01452
Auspicious Blade of the Blood Stained Sands0.34 rares0.030.01363
Auspicious Blade of the Chiseled Guard0.45 rares0.040.02179
Auspicious Blade of the Dark Wraith0.91 rares0.080.06108
Auspicious Blade of the Demonic Vessel92.04 rares, 2.67 keys8.117.053
Auspicious Blade of the Silent Guardian0.45 rares0.040.02163
Auspicious Blade of the Wandering Demon22.47 rares1.981.727
Auspicious BladeBiter7.04 rares0.620.54229
Auspicious Bladebreaker Armguards0.45 rares0.040.02294
Auspicious Bladebreaker Brush1.48 rares0.130.11183
Auspicious Bladebreaker Dagger18.50 rares1.631.423
Auspicious Bladebreaker Dagger - Off-Hand8.74 rares0.770.676
Auspicious Bladebreaker Hood10.67 rares0.940.827
Auspicious Bladebreaker Spaulders342.05 rares, 9.91 keys30.1426.213
Auspicious Blades of Eternal Eclipse0.45 rares0.040.02110
Auspicious Blades of Malicious Efflorescence0.34 rares0.030.01403
Auspicious Blades of Voth Domosh432.27 rares, 12.53 keys38.0933.125
Auspicious Blades of the Predator0.57 rares0.050.03149
Auspicious Blotto and Stick5.67 rares0.500.43101
Auspicious Blue Stone Shoulder of the Voyager0.68 rares0.060.0483
Auspicious Bobusang's Axe1.13 rares0.100.087
Auspicious Bobusang's Fist of the Predator Owl2.72 rares0.240.2113
Auspicious Bobusang's Jacket1.82 rares0.160.1411
Auspicious Bobusang's Merchandise6.36 rares0.560.495
Auspicious Bobusang's Sunshade6.24 rares0.550.489
Auspicious Bobusang's Tobacco Fix1.82 rares0.160.1425
Auspicious Bonedress of the Yuwipi1.82 rares0.160.1412
Auspicious Boots of the Master Thief5.33 rares0.470.419
Auspicious Bow of the Howling Wind54.93 rares, 1.59 keys4.844.2184
Auspicious Bow of the Master Thief5.67 rares0.500.4312
Auspicious Bow of the Shadowcat0.45 rares0.040.02122
Auspicious Bracer and Band of Ancestral Luck0.79 rares0.070.05116
Auspicious Bracers of Bird's Stone0.45 rares0.040.02144
Auspicious Bracers of Fury0.45 rares0.040.02304
Auspicious Bracers of Impending Transgressions0.57 rares0.050.03283
Auspicious Bracers of Malicious Efflorescence0.68 rares0.060.0476
Auspicious Bracers of The Howling Wolf0.79 rares0.070.05127
Auspicious Bracers of the Awakened0.34 rares0.030.01360
Auspicious Bracers of the Clergy Ascetic0.34 rares0.030.01388
Auspicious Bracers of the Conjurer0.45 rares0.040.02304
Auspicious Bracers of the Eastern Range8.74 rares0.770.675
Auspicious Bracers of the Frozen Feather0.34 rares0.030.01196
Auspicious Bracers of the Gwimyeon Warrior0.45 rares0.040.02259
Auspicious Bracers of the Silent Guardian0.34 rares0.030.01312
Auspicious Bracers of the Tentacular Timelord1.25 rares0.110.0924
Auspicious Bracers of the Wandering Demon7.49 rares0.660.579
Auspicious Braces of the Atniw0.45 rares0.040.02274
Auspicious Braid of Delicacies of Butchery2.04 rares0.180.1616
Auspicious Braid of Fiery Curls0.45 rares0.040.02189
Auspicious Braids of Moonshadow0.45 rares0.040.02415
Auspicious Braids of the Radiant Protector1.13 rares0.100.0867
Auspicious Bramble Watch6.13 rares0.540.4710
Auspicious Breastplate of the Slithereen Knight0.57 rares0.050.03140
Auspicious Breath of The Iron Drakken4.20 rares0.370.3210
Auspicious Bright Moon Chima3.18 rares0.280.245
Auspicious Bright Moon Jeonmo1.82 rares0.160.1430
Auspicious Bright Moon Mokdori1.13 rares0.100.0816
Auspicious Bright Moon Somae2.04 rares0.180.1616
Auspicious Broken Shackles11.12 rares0.980.8596
Auspicious Bulwark of the Rogue Knight1.48 rares0.130.11174
Auspicious Burden of the Exiled Ronin1.36 rares0.120.10146
Auspicious Burden of the Highborn0.34 rares0.030.01338
Auspicious Button Down of the Voyager0.34 rares0.030.01286
Auspicious Call of the Dendrochron2.04 rares0.180.16210
Auspicious Cap of the Fungal Lord1.02 rares0.090.07196
Auspicious Cape of Eternal Reign25.19 rares2.221.931
Auspicious Cape of the Arsenal Magus7.04 rares0.620.548
Auspicious Cape of the Eastern Range2.84 rares0.250.2215
Auspicious Cape of the Frozen Feather1.36 rares0.120.10119
Auspicious Capelet of the Wild Wind7.04 rares0.620.549
Auspicious Carapace of the Chosen Larva0.45 rares0.040.02327
Auspicious Caustic Glare0.57 rares0.050.0372
Auspicious Caustic Guard0.45 rares0.040.02316
Auspicious Caustic Rack0.79 rares0.070.05249
Auspicious Caustic Spurs0.68 rares0.060.0487
Auspicious Caustic Tarsus0.34 rares0.030.01320
Auspicious Celestial Observatory0.91 rares0.080.06192
Auspicious Chained Beauty0.34 rares0.030.01381
Auspicious Chained Guard0.57 rares0.050.03142
Auspicious Chained Spur0.45 rares0.040.02274
Auspicious Chained Wings0.79 rares0.070.05244
Auspicious Chaos Knight's Armlet of Mordiggian21.22 rares1.871.6392
Auspicious Chestpiece of the Eternal Light0.57 rares0.050.03229
Auspicious Chosen Larva Bundle90.34 rares, 2.62 keys7.966.923
Auspicious Cinch of the Mortal Coil0.34 rares0.030.01267
Auspicious Claddish Gauntlets0.79 rares0.070.0578
Auspicious Claddish Guard1.93 rares0.170.1598
Auspicious Claddish Hightops0.79 rares0.070.0569
Auspicious Claddish Voyager's Chestplate0.34 rares0.030.01330
Auspicious Claddish Voyager's Elegant Pauldron0.57 rares0.050.03150
Auspicious Claddish Voyager's First Chance0.57 rares0.050.03130
Auspicious Claddish Voyager's Gloves0.34 rares0.030.01291
Auspicious Claddish Voyager's Helm0.79 rares0.070.05219
Auspicious Claddish Voyager's Second Chance0.45 rares0.040.02243
Auspicious Claddish Voyager's Treads0.45 rares0.040.02255
Auspicious Claddish Voyager's True North0.45 rares0.040.02138
Auspicious Cleaver of Delicacies of Butchery2.61 rares0.230.2010
Auspicious Cloak of the Boreal Watch0.57 rares0.050.03345
Auspicious Cloak of the Dark Wraith1.25 rares0.110.09120
Auspicious Cloak of the Demonic Vessel20.43 rares1.801.573
Auspicious Cloak of the Master Thief1.82 rares0.160.1416
Auspicious Cloak of the Northern Wind0.45 rares0.040.02192
Auspicious Cloak of the Resentful Spectre1.25 rares0.110.0929
Auspicious Cloth of the Clergy Ascetic0.45 rares0.040.02322
Auspicious Cloud Forged Great Bracers0.45 rares0.040.02207
Auspicious Cloud Forged Great Girdle0.57 rares0.050.03217
Auspicious Cloud Forged Great Helm1.25 rares0.110.09123
Auspicious Cloud Forged Great Mantle1.25 rares0.110.0938
Auspicious Cloud Forged Great Staff0.57 rares0.050.03142
Auspicious Cloud Forged Great Wings2.61 rares0.230.2080
Auspicious Cluckles the Brave10.10 rares0.890.7763
Auspicious Coat of the Scarlet Raven0.79 rares0.070.0570
Auspicious Coco the Courageous2.95 rares0.260.23175
Auspicious Cold Light of the Mist0.79 rares0.070.0537
Auspicious Collar of Command0.34 rares0.030.01415
Auspicious Commander of the Dragon Guard Set97.71 rares, 2.83 keys8.617.492
Auspicious Compass Edge of the Voyager0.91 rares0.080.06197
Auspicious Core of Stoneshard Majesty1.48 rares0.130.11150
Auspicious Coronet of the Mortal Coil0.79 rares0.070.05143
Auspicious Corpsemaker2.27 rares0.200.17187
Auspicious Corset of the Master Thief12.26 rares1.080.9410
Auspicious Corset of the Mortal Coil0.79 rares0.070.05164
Auspicious Corset of the Outcast0.34 rares0.030.01189
Auspicious Cowl of the Boreal Watch45.39 rares, 1.32 keys4.003.482
Auspicious Cowl of the Malignant Corruption7.04 rares0.620.547
Auspicious Crazed Tassels of the Black Death129.15 rares, 3.74 keys11.389.904
Auspicious Crest of Bird's Stone0.34 rares0.030.01169
Auspicious Crest of the Wyrm Lords60.03 rares, 1.74 keys5.294.60105
Auspicious Crimson Guard of Prosperity12.26 rares1.080.9420
Auspicious Crown of Entwined Fate0.91 rares0.080.06220
Auspicious Crown of Eternal Reign63.67 rares, 1.85 keys5.614.887
Auspicious Crown of Perception0.91 rares0.080.0633
Auspicious Crown of the Death Priestess16.00 rares1.411.2368
Auspicious Cuff Hook of the Black Death9.99 rares0.880.7711
Auspicious Cuffs of Divine Ascension3.52 rares0.310.274
Auspicious Curse of the Highborn0.45 rares0.040.02153
Auspicious Cut of the Atniw0.57 rares0.050.03109
Auspicious Dagger of Anguish0.34 rares0.030.01376
Auspicious Dagger of the Outcast0.79 rares0.070.05230
Auspicious Dark Pauldrons of the Conjurer0.79 rares0.070.0561
Auspicious Dark Ranger's Headdress0.45 rares0.040.02445
Auspicious Darkstar the Mistforged0.57 rares0.050.03139
Auspicious Dead Winter Soul2.38 rares0.210.18197
Auspicious Death Shadow Boots0.34 rares0.030.01363
Auspicious Death Shadow Bow0.45 rares0.040.02396
Auspicious Death Shadow Bracers0.45 rares0.040.02350
Auspicious Death Shadow Cape0.91 rares0.080.06225
Auspicious Death Shadow Cowl0.57 rares0.050.03116
Auspicious Death Shadow Mantle0.91 rares0.080.0681
Auspicious Death Shadow Quiver0.34 rares0.030.01295
Auspicious Deathripper1.48 rares0.130.11206
Auspicious Deep Vault Guardian Armplates1.93 rares0.170.1537
Auspicious Deep Vault Guardian Headfin1.82 rares0.160.1416
Auspicious Deep Vault Guardian Spine2.16 rares0.190.1733
Auspicious Deep Vault Guardian Trident1.59 rares0.140.1270
Auspicious Deep Warden's Conch Pauldron1.02 rares0.090.0779
Auspicious Deep Warden's Darkray Cape0.57 rares0.050.03184
Auspicious Deep Warden's Prized Scimitar0.79 rares0.070.05172
Auspicious Deep Warden's Seized Hood0.57 rares0.050.03298
Auspicious Deep Warden's Tooth Bracer1.13 rares0.100.0859
Auspicious Delicacies of Butchery Set55.38 rares, 1.61 keys4.884.248
Auspicious Demonomicon0.79 rares0.070.0565
Auspicious Desert Gale Armor1.13 rares0.100.087
Auspicious Desert Gale Arms1.13 rares0.100.0810
Auspicious Desert Gale Fouchard1.25 rares0.110.0912
Auspicious Desert Gale Helmet0.79 rares0.070.058
Auspicious Desert Gale Moustache3.97 rares0.350.305
Auspicious Desert Gale Shoulder Plate1.13 rares0.100.0812
Auspicious Dimensional Infestation Set55.38 rares, 1.61 keys4.884.2410
Auspicious Divine Ascension43.13 rares, 1.25 keys3.803.307
Auspicious Doom of Ithogoaki1.82 rares0.160.14181
Auspicious Dragon Forged Armor0.57 rares0.050.0391
Auspicious Dragon Forged Staff0.57 rares0.050.03144
Auspicious Dragon Forged Stare0.68 rares0.060.0477
Auspicious Dragon Forged Wings0.57 rares0.050.03103
Auspicious Dragon Sword81.48 rares, 2.36 keys7.186.2498
Auspicious Drape of Bird's Stone0.34 rares0.030.01389
Auspicious Dreaded Bravo's Cape0.57 rares0.050.03105
Auspicious Dreaded Bravo's Guise0.45 rares0.040.02206
Auspicious Dreaded Bravo's Scarf0.45 rares0.040.02226
Auspicious Dreaded Forgewing13.39 rares1.181.0379
Auspicious Dreadknight Blade0.57 rares0.050.03194
Auspicious Dreadknight Cloak0.79 rares0.070.0588
Auspicious Dreadknight Gauntlet2.04 rares0.180.1631
Auspicious Dress from the Gloom0.34 rares0.030.01427
Auspicious Dress of the Scorching Princess0.57 rares0.050.03121
Auspicious Duangua of the Wandering Demon17.59 rares1.551.354
Auspicious Eki Bukaw Bracers0.57 rares0.050.03179
Auspicious Eki Bukaw Wand0.79 rares0.070.05113
Auspicious Eki Bukaw Wand - Off-Hand0.91 rares0.080.0675
Auspicious Elemental Ice Body10.67 rares0.940.829
Auspicious Elemental Ice Head16.00 rares1.411.236
Auspicious Elemental Ice Left Arm51.07 rares, 1.48 keys4.503.911
Auspicious Elemental Ice Right Arm26.90 rares, 0.78 keys2.372.063
Auspicious Ember Crane Set117.12 rares, 3.39 keys10.328.974
Auspicious Ember Pauldrons of Prosperity4.88 rares0.430.377
Auspicious Ember Spirit's Hat35.18 rares, 1.02 keys3.102.7075
Auspicious Emblazoned Arm of Delicacies of Butchery37.56 rares, 1.09 keys3.312.882
Auspicious Emerald Frenzy Amulet0.57 rares0.050.03113
Auspicious Emerald Frenzy Flail1.02 rares0.090.0775
Auspicious Emerald Frenzy Glove0.57 rares0.050.03206
Auspicious Emerald Frenzy Helmet0.34 rares0.030.01219
Auspicious Emerald Frenzy Spikes1.36 rares0.120.1081
Auspicious Emerging Dragon2.27 rares0.200.1722
Auspicious Emerging Dragon Missile14.30 rares1.261.104
Auspicious Encasement of the Eternal Light0.68 rares0.060.04113
Auspicious Enduring War Dog1.82 rares0.160.14190
Auspicious Epaulets of Hell's Ambassador0.57 rares0.050.03268
Auspicious Epaulets of the Lucent Rider1.82 rares0.160.1413
Auspicious Epaulette of Blight0.57 rares0.050.03131
Auspicious Epaulettes of the Scorching Princess0.57 rares0.050.03310
Auspicious Equipment of the Northlight0.68 rares0.060.0489
Auspicious Ernest Do of the Voyager1.48 rares0.130.11110
Auspicious Execution Headclamp of the Black Death8.51 rares0.750.6512
Auspicious Eye of Lyralei0.79 rares0.070.05186
Auspicious Face of Delicacies of Butchery3.52 rares0.310.2712
Auspicious Fan of Piercing Silence0.79 rares0.070.05218
Auspicious Faulds of the Gwimyeon Warrior0.79 rares0.070.05110
Auspicious Faulds of the Wandering Demon6.81 rares0.600.5210
Auspicious Fearless Badger1.48 rares0.130.11315
Auspicious Featherfall Bow1.93 rares0.170.15191
Auspicious Feelers of Entwined Fate0.34 rares0.030.01439
Auspicious Festive Robes of Good Fortune16.91 rares1.491.3015
Auspicious Fiery Soul of the Slayer437.61 rares, 12.68 keys38.5633.538
Auspicious Fiery Ward of Eki Bukaw1.48 rares0.130.11156
Auspicious Fire of the Exiled Ronin1.02 rares0.090.0792
Auspicious Firebreather of the Voyager0.57 rares0.050.03130
Auspicious Flags of the Equine Emissary6.81 rares0.600.528
Auspicious Flames of Prosperity Set223.91 rares, 6.49 keys19.7317.165
Auspicious Flamestitched Suitings Bandana0.57 rares0.050.03110
Auspicious Flamestitched Suitings Cape1.02 rares0.090.0777
Auspicious Flamestitched Suitings Wrap and Molotov0.57 rares0.050.03192
Auspicious Flaming Scepter of Ancestral Luck2.27 rares0.200.1794
Auspicious Flowering Treant22.58 rares1.991.73103
Auspicious Foreteller's Adorn1.25 rares0.110.0924
Auspicious Foreteller's Drapes2.27 rares0.200.178
Auspicious Foreteller's Garment3.18 rares0.280.2410
Auspicious Foreteller's Haircomb5.33 rares0.470.416
Auspicious Form of the Atniw1.93 rares0.170.15201
Auspicious Form of the Onyx Grove15.21 rares1.341.17127
Auspicious Fractal Horns of Inner Abysm3,653.94 rares, 105.91 keys, 1.42 tbrs321.97279.971
Auspicious Frost Owl's Beacon9.08 rares0.800.70135
Auspicious Frostbitten Cloak of the North0.57 rares0.050.03111
Auspicious Fungal Lord Set75.70 rares, 2.19 keys6.675.808
Auspicious Furstole of the Shadowcat0.79 rares0.070.0597
Auspicious Gaiters of the Shadowcat0.79 rares0.070.0582
Auspicious Gallows Understudy Back0.79 rares0.070.0591
Auspicious Gallows Understudy Blade1.13 rares0.100.08199
Auspicious Gallows Understudy Blade - Off-Hand1.13 rares0.100.08184
Auspicious Gallows Understudy Gauntlets0.45 rares0.040.02202
Auspicious Gallows Understudy Hood1.02 rares0.090.0771
Auspicious Gallows Understudy Mantle0.57 rares0.050.03187
Auspicious Gallows Understudy Skirt0.79 rares0.070.05108
Auspicious Garbs of the Eastern Range Set38.13 rares, 1.11 keys3.362.9214
Auspicious Garment of Control0.79 rares0.070.0581
Auspicious Gatling Cannon of the Dragon Emperor8.06 rares0.710.627
Auspicious Gauntlet of The Iron Drakken13.05 rares1.151.007
Auspicious Gauntlets of the Arsenal Magus7.04 rares0.620.549
Auspicious Gauntlets of the Boreal Watch0.57 rares0.050.03280
Auspicious Gauntlets of the Equine Emissary17.02 rares1.501.309
Auspicious Gauntlets of the Scarlet Raven0.57 rares0.050.03306
Auspicious Gift of the Awakened0.79 rares0.070.05270
Auspicious Gift of the Sea Arms0.34 rares0.030.01155
Auspicious Gift of the Sea Dorsal Wings0.34 rares0.030.01298
Auspicious Gift of the Sea Fin0.91 rares0.080.06158
Auspicious Gift of the Sea Head0.79 rares0.070.05187
Auspicious Gift of the Sea Shoulders0.34 rares0.030.01141
Auspicious Gifts of Fortune Set127.45 rares, 3.69 keys11.239.776
Auspicious Girdle of the Dark Wraith0.91 rares0.080.06116
Auspicious Gladys the Light-Bearing Mule0.57 rares0.050.03174
Auspicious Glaive of the Lucent Rider8.28 rares0.730.6313
Auspicious Glaive of the Silent Champion3.52 rares0.310.2711
Auspicious Glaves of the Crescent Moon0.45 rares0.040.02128
Auspicious Gloves of the Master Thief2.84 rares0.250.2216
Auspicious Golden Reel Guardian Arms0.45 rares0.040.02219
Auspicious Golden Reel Guardian Belt0.91 rares0.080.0641
Auspicious Golden Reel Guardian Helmet1.02 rares0.090.07142
Auspicious Golden Reel Guardian Totem3.18 rares0.280.24137
Auspicious Gown of the Charred Bloodline1.59 rares0.140.1271
Auspicious Gown of the Mortal Coil0.57 rares0.050.0362
Auspicious Grand Voulge of the Dragon Guard3.63 rares0.320.2815
Auspicious Great Moss Cape of the Fungal Lord0.68 rares0.060.04102
Auspicious Green Sleeves of the Voyager0.34 rares0.030.01318
Auspicious Grudge in the Mist0.91 rares0.080.0697
Auspicious Guard of Anguish0.34 rares0.030.01327
Auspicious Guard of the Clergy Ascetic0.45 rares0.040.02357
Auspicious Guard of the Crescent Moon0.57 rares0.050.03110
Auspicious Guard of the Dark Wraith1.93 rares0.170.1544
Auspicious Guard of the Lucent Rider3.86 rares0.340.3018
Auspicious Gwimyeon 2.84 rares0.250.2214
Auspicious Hair of the Arsenal Magus35.98 rares, 1.04 keys3.172.763
Auspicious Hairstyle of the Eastern Range2.61 rares0.230.2018
Auspicious Halberd of the Equine Emissary 3.18 rares0.280.246
Auspicious Halberd of the Steppe0.79 rares0.070.05120
Auspicious Hand of Hell's Ambassador0.68 rares0.060.04117
Auspicious Hare Hunt Cape0.68 rares0.060.04106
Auspicious Hare Hunt Hat12.37 rares1.090.957
Auspicious Hare Hunt Rifle0.57 rares0.050.03186
Auspicious Hare Hunt Shoulders0.68 rares0.060.04168
Auspicious Hare Hunt Sleeves0.45 rares0.040.02223
Auspicious Hat of Fortune3.97 rares0.350.306
Auspicious Hat of The Howling Wolf3.18 rares0.280.24104
Auspicious Head of the Forest Hermit0.57 rares0.050.03149
Auspicious Headdress Of The Yuwipi3.52 rares0.310.277
Auspicious Headdress of the Ember Crane1.59 rares0.140.1223
Auspicious Headress of the Crescent Moon0.79 rares0.070.05200
Auspicious Heaven-Piercing Pauldrons237.75 rares, 6.89 keys20.9518.2255
Auspicious Heavenly Guardian Bow12.94 rares1.140.994
Auspicious Heavenly Guardian Bracers1.70 rares0.150.134
Auspicious Heavenly Guardian Crest11.24 rares0.990.866
Auspicious Heavenly Guardian Locks2.16 rares0.190.175
Auspicious Heavenly Guardian Quiver6.81 rares0.600.528
Auspicious Heavenly Guardian Skirt3.63 rares0.320.287
Auspicious Heavy Barbed Arms0.45 rares0.040.02225
Auspicious Heavy Barbed Back0.91 rares0.080.06170
Auspicious Heavy Barbed Collar0.45 rares0.040.02311
Auspicious Heavy Barbed Head0.57 rares0.050.0393
Auspicious Heavy Barbed Morning Star0.79 rares0.070.0564
Auspicious Heirloom of the Charred Bloodline0.45 rares0.040.02131
Auspicious Hellthorn's Sword0.57 rares0.050.03194
Auspicious Helm of Bird's Stone0.45 rares0.040.02176
Auspicious Helm of Divine Ascension8.51 rares0.750.652
Auspicious Helm of Eternal Eclipse0.34 rares0.030.01158
Auspicious Helm of Impending Transgressions1.02 rares0.090.0789
Auspicious Helm of the Dark Wraith3.86 rares0.340.3095
Auspicious Helm of the Equine Emissary5.45 rares0.480.429
Auspicious Helm of the Outcast0.34 rares0.030.01191
Auspicious Helm of the Red Conqueror0.45 rares0.040.02153
Auspicious Helm of the Silent Guardian0.79 rares0.070.05175
Auspicious Helm of the Slithereen Knight0.57 rares0.050.03108
Auspicious Helm of the Steppe1.13 rares0.100.0821
Auspicious Helmet of Endless Havoc0.91 rares0.080.06159
Auspicious Helmet of The Iron Drakken8.40 rares0.740.6410
Auspicious Helmet of the Chosen Larva0.34 rares0.030.01319
Auspicious Helmet of the Cryogenic Embrace1.02 rares0.090.07170
Auspicious Helmet of the Silent Champion5.22 rares0.460.4010
Auspicious Hood of the Clergy Ascetic1.02 rares0.090.07231
Auspicious Hood of the Conjurer0.45 rares0.040.02286
Auspicious Hood of the Demonic Vessel8.74 rares0.770.678
Auspicious Hood of the Font Guard1.13 rares0.100.0885
Auspicious Hood of the Frozen Feather0.79 rares0.070.0589
Auspicious Hood of the Master Thief10.78 rares0.950.839
Auspicious Hood of the Northlight0.45 rares0.040.02340
Auspicious Hood of the Scarlet Raven1.36 rares0.120.10155
Auspicious Hook of Delicacies of Butchery1.93 rares0.170.1514
Auspicious Hook of the Atniw0.34 rares0.030.01305
Auspicious Horns of Blight0.57 rares0.050.03121
Auspicious Horns of Deep Magma890.08 rares, 25.80 keys78.4368.201
Auspicious Horns of Malicious Efflorescence1.25 rares0.110.09143
Auspicious Horns of the Malignant Corruption30.75 rares, 0.89 keys2.712.364
Auspicious Huo - Blade of Prosperity13.96 rares1.231.076
Auspicious Ice Capped Hood of the North0.45 rares0.040.02231
Auspicious Iceforged Bracers0.45 rares0.040.02369
Auspicious Iceforged Cape0.57 rares0.050.03127
Auspicious Iceforged Hair0.57 rares0.050.03163
Auspicious Iceforged Shoulders0.79 rares0.070.05246
Auspicious Iceforged Spirit7.83 rares0.690.60141
Auspicious Iguana's Bow0.34 rares0.030.01336
Auspicious Iguana's Quiver1.02 rares0.090.0741
Auspicious Immemorial Emperor's Beard2.72 rares0.240.219
Auspicious Immemorial Emperor's Coronet2.16 rares0.190.178
Auspicious Immemorial Emperor's Mantle2.61 rares0.230.2010
Auspicious Immemorial Emperor's Scythe5.56 rares0.490.434
Auspicious Infesting Claws1.82 rares0.160.1410
Auspicious Infesting Cranium4.88 rares0.430.377
Auspicious Infesting Incubator10.67 rares0.940.824
Auspicious Infesting Legs2.84 rares0.250.226
Auspicious Infesting Receptors2.61 rares0.230.208
Auspicious Initiate's Cut0.34 rares0.030.01380
Auspicious Ironwood Arms of the Fungal Lord0.45 rares0.040.02254
Auspicious Ishul-Shog the Watcher1.48 rares0.130.11241
Auspicious Jewel of the Forest Boots0.45 rares0.040.02339
Auspicious Jewel of the Forest Bow12.26 rares1.080.9411
Auspicious Jewel of the Forest Cape17.02 rares1.501.305
Auspicious Jewel of the Forest Gloves0.34 rares0.030.01336
Auspicious Jewel of the Forest Pauldrons0.45 rares0.040.02161
Auspicious Jewel of the Forest Scarf53.79 rares, 1.56 keys4.744.121
Auspicious Jin - Blade of Prosperity8.40 rares0.740.6410
Auspicious Juljae Sword0.57 rares0.050.03347
Auspicious Keeper of the Northlight Set78.31 rares, 2.27 keys6.906.007
Auspicious Kunkka's Shadow Blade129.38 rares, 3.75 keys11.409.91133
Auspicious Lantern of the Conjuring Sigil0.34 rares0.030.01324
Auspicious Leggings of the Awakened0.34 rares0.030.01326
Auspicious Legplates of the Boreal Watch0.57 rares0.050.03186
Auspicious Legs of Perception0.68 rares0.060.0437
Auspicious Legs of the Master Weaver0.57 rares0.050.03197
Auspicious Limbs of Entwined Fate0.34 rares0.030.01163
Auspicious Little Green Jade Dragon1.36 rares0.120.10152
Auspicious Longbow of the Boreal Watch153.66 rares, 4.45 keys13.5411.771
Auspicious Lost Hills Bow0.68 rares0.060.04114
Auspicious Lost Hills Gauntlets0.57 rares0.050.03199
Auspicious Lost Hills Helm0.91 rares0.080.0690
Auspicious Lost Hills Shield1.13 rares0.100.0858
Auspicious Lost Hills Shoulder1.70 rares0.150.1396
Auspicious Lucentyr102.71 rares, 2.98 keys9.057.877
Auspicious Lyralei's Breeze3.97 rares0.350.30128
Auspicious Mace of the Tentacular Timelord1.25 rares0.110.0944
Auspicious Mane of the Demon Stone5.33 rares0.470.418
Auspicious Mantle of Ancestral Luck2.16 rares0.190.1722
Auspicious Mantle of Divine Ascension15.89 rares1.401.227
Auspicious Mantle of Endless Havoc0.45 rares0.040.02345
Auspicious Mantle of the Acolyte of Clasz0.91 rares0.080.0649
Auspicious Mantle of the Blood Covenant0.34 rares0.030.01339
Auspicious Mantle of the Crescent Moon0.57 rares0.050.03108
Auspicious Mark of the Radiant Protector2.04 rares0.180.1630
Auspicious Mask of Fury0.79 rares0.070.05104
Auspicious Mask of the Third Insight2.27 rares0.200.17160
Auspicious Mask of the Wandering Demon8.63 rares0.760.665
Auspicious Masks of Ancestral Luck1.93 rares0.170.1531
Auspicious Maze of Anguish0.57 rares0.050.03118
Auspicious Mega-Kills: Bastion2.38 rares0.210.18164
Auspicious Mega-Kills: Clockwerk7.49 rares0.660.579
Auspicious Mega-Kills: Defense Grid1.59 rares0.140.12172
Auspicious Mega-Kills: GLaDOS3.97 rares0.350.30159
Auspicious Mega-Kills: Lina5.22 rares0.460.40127
Auspicious Mega-Kills: The Stanley Parable60.38 rares, 1.75 keys5.324.635
Auspicious Mega-Kills: Trine1.93 rares0.170.15177
Auspicious Might of the Slithereen Knight0.34 rares0.030.01340
Auspicious Mind Piercer of the Predator0.57 rares0.050.03121
Auspicious Mistplates of Ruin0.34 rares0.030.01309
Auspicious Mok5.22 rares0.460.40105
Auspicious Morcant2.16 rares0.190.17147
Auspicious Morok's Mechanical Mediary1.48 rares0.130.11293
Auspicious Nails in the Mad Harvester0.91 rares0.080.0665
Auspicious Necklace of Scarlet Raven0.57 rares0.050.03253
Auspicious Necklace of the Demon Stone2.84 rares0.250.2219
Auspicious Neptunian Sabre1.02 rares0.090.07190
Auspicious Nether Grandmaster's Bite5.33 rares0.470.418
Auspicious Nether Grandmaster's Bracers2.61 rares0.230.209
Auspicious Nether Grandmaster's Cape8.06 rares0.710.6210
Auspicious Nether Grandmaster's Covering6.36 rares0.560.495
Auspicious Nether Grandmaster's Points1.82 rares0.160.1411
Auspicious Nether Grandmaster's Waistcloth2.84 rares0.250.226
Auspicious Nether Grandmaster's Ward4.20 rares0.370.329
Auspicious Nether Heart3.52 rares0.310.2722
Auspicious Nether Lord's Belt2.04 rares0.180.169
Auspicious Nether Lord's Bracer1.36 rares0.120.1014
Auspicious Nether Lord's Cape0.91 rares0.080.068
Auspicious Nether Lord's Devourer6.81 rares0.600.527
Auspicious Nether Lord's Hat7.15 rares0.630.5511
Auspicious Nether Lord's Scepter7.04 rares0.620.546
Auspicious Netherax, Nightmare of the Mist1.02 rares0.090.07231
Auspicious Nightwatcher's Belt0.57 rares0.050.03114
Auspicious Nightwatcher's Bracers0.57 rares0.050.03156
Auspicious Nightwatcher's Guard1.13 rares0.100.0849
Auspicious Nightwatcher's Mask0.57 rares0.050.03169
Auspicious Nightwatcher's Staff0.79 rares0.070.05253
Auspicious Nimble Ben3.52 rares0.310.27120
Auspicious Noctis the Heavenly Qilin Guardian8.17 rares0.720.6312
Auspicious Nomad's Barbed Edge0.45 rares0.040.02200
Auspicious Nomad's Edge - Off-Hand0.45 rares0.040.02201
Auspicious Nomad's Guards0.34 rares0.030.01385
Auspicious Nomad's Shelter0.57 rares0.050.03166
Auspicious Noriet the Dusky Guardian3.18 rares0.280.24215
Auspicious Nyx Assassin's Dagon116.55 rares, 3.38 keys10.278.9374
Auspicious Oak of the Woodland Outcast0.34 rares0.030.01405
Auspicious Ocula the Observer1.48 rares0.130.1174
Auspicious Oculus Ephemeral2.38 rares0.210.18159
Auspicious Ol' Chopper's Chains0.45 rares0.040.02258
Auspicious Ol' Chopper's Choppin' Arm0.57 rares0.050.03318
Auspicious Ol' Chopper's Cleaver0.57 rares0.050.03288
Auspicious Ol' Chopper's Dinner Bringer0.79 rares0.070.05137
Auspicious Ol' Chopper's Grizzled Face1.59 rares0.140.12140
Auspicious Ol' Chopper's Meat Jacket0.79 rares0.070.05103
Auspicious Ornate Hat of Good Fortune1.48 rares0.130.1119
Auspicious Outland Witch's Hem3.52 rares0.310.277
Auspicious Outland Witch's Horns3.18 rares0.280.2416
Auspicious Outland Witch's Necklace10.67 rares0.940.8213
Auspicious Outland Witch's Sash4.43 rares0.390.345
Auspicious Outland Witch's Spirits17.02 rares1.501.305
Auspicious Pack of the Blood Stained Sands0.45 rares0.040.02326
Auspicious Pack of the Woodland Outcast1.02 rares0.090.07148
Auspicious Pads of the Blood Stained Sands0.34 rares0.030.01393
Auspicious Pads of the Eastern Range1.36 rares0.120.1012
Auspicious Pauldron of Teardrop Ice0.79 rares0.070.05199
Auspicious Pauldron of The Iron Drakken6.36 rares0.560.493
Auspicious Pauldron of the Chiseled Guard0.57 rares0.050.03164
Auspicious Pauldron of the Red Conqueror1.36 rares0.120.1046
Auspicious Pauldron of the Silent Guardian0.57 rares0.050.0392
Auspicious Pauldrons of Fury0.68 rares0.060.04112
Auspicious Pauldrons of Impending Transgressions0.45 rares0.040.02222
Auspicious Pauldrons of the Boreal Watch149.35 rares, 4.33 keys13.1611.441
Auspicious Pauldrons of the Equine Emissary11.69 rares1.030.907
Auspicious Pauldrons of the Frozen Feather0.45 rares0.040.02208
Auspicious Pauldrons of the Gwimyeon Warrior0.79 rares0.070.0593
Auspicious Pauldrons of the Northern Wind0.45 rares0.040.02313
Auspicious Paws of the Shadowcat0.91 rares0.080.06196
Auspicious Pelt of The Howling Wolf2.16 rares0.190.1752
Auspicious Pelt of the Shadowcat0.45 rares0.040.02297
Auspicious Perceptive Spiderling1.02 rares0.090.0790
Auspicious Petals of the Woodland Outcast0.34 rares0.030.01432
Auspicious Phasma Phasmatis Belt3.18 rares0.280.248
Auspicious Phasma Phasmatis Blade8.28 rares0.730.635
Auspicious Phasma Phasmatis Head2.84 rares0.250.2210
Auspicious Phasma Phasmatis Shoulders9.19 rares0.810.707
Auspicious Phoenix Helm of Prosperity2.16 rares0.190.1719
Auspicious Pike of the Blood Stained Sands0.57 rares0.050.03181
Auspicious Pincers of the Chosen Larva0.79 rares0.070.05195
Auspicious Plackart of the Demon Stone29.39 rares, 0.85 keys2.592.256
Auspicious Plate of the Steppe0.79 rares0.070.0532
Auspicious Plated Bracers of the Demon Stone2.61 rares0.230.206
Auspicious Plume of the Dragon Guard4.54 rares0.400.353
Auspicious Plume of the Eternal Light0.68 rares0.060.0478
Auspicious Porcine Princess Penelope1.82 rares0.160.14253
Auspicious Prestidigitator's Oculus0.91 rares0.080.0664
Auspicious Prestidigitator's Shiners0.57 rares0.050.03224
Auspicious Prestidigitator's Source of Sorcery1.82 rares0.160.14141
Auspicious Prestidigitator's Wraps1.13 rares0.100.08149
Auspicious Prey of the Demonic Vessel9.53 rares0.840.7310
Auspicious Preyfinders of the Predator0.34 rares0.030.01344
Auspicious Pride of the Woodland Outcast0.34 rares0.030.01174
Auspicious Primal Form of the Tentacular Timelord3.18 rares0.280.2452
Auspicious Prismatic Drake2.27 rares0.200.17208
Auspicious Prisoner's Anchor14.75 rares1.301.1393
Auspicious Pudgling78.31 rares, 2.27 keys6.906.009
Auspicious Quiver of the Master Thief2.16 rares0.190.1710
Auspicious Quiver of the Northern Wind0.45 rares0.040.02235
Auspicious Quiver of the Shadowcat0.45 rares0.040.02306
Auspicious Quiver of the Wild Wind6.36 rares0.560.498
Auspicious Rachel the Morde-bat0.57 rares0.050.03122
Auspicious Rampant the Scaled Hunter9.19 rares0.810.7082
Auspicious Recluse Reef Denizen25.99 rares, 0.75 keys2.291.9970
Auspicious Records of the Eki Bukaw0.79 rares0.070.05109
Auspicious Red Mist Reaper's Belt1.13 rares0.100.08119
Auspicious Red Mist Reaper's Mask0.91 rares0.080.0672
Auspicious Red Mist Reaper's Scythe3.52 rares0.310.2793
Auspicious Red Mist Reaper's Shawl1.48 rares0.130.1171
Auspicious Red Mist Reaper's Tattoos4.54 rares0.400.3539
Auspicious Redhoof0.91 rares0.080.063200
Auspicious Redmoon Assassin's Secret Armor0.91 rares0.080.0690
Auspicious Redmoon Assassin's Secret Headwear0.34 rares0.030.01340
Auspicious Redmoon Assassin's Secret Wraps1.02 rares0.090.07187
Auspicious Regalia of the Wraith Lord Cape5.33 rares0.470.4127
Auspicious Regalia of the Wraith Lord Gauntlet1.48 rares0.130.1127
Auspicious Regalia of the Wraith Lord Helmet13.73 rares1.211.0524
Auspicious Regalia of the Wraith Lord Shoulder1.36 rares0.120.1048
Auspicious Regalia of the Wraith Lord Sword1.36 rares0.120.1026
Auspicious Reprieve of the Clergy Ascetic0.45 rares0.040.02201
Auspicious Reprieve of the Clergy Ascetic - Off-Hand0.45 rares0.040.02191
Auspicious Restraint of the Mad Harvester1.25 rares0.110.0920
Auspicious Rifle of The Howling Wolf0.79 rares0.070.05109
Auspicious Ring of Command0.45 rares0.040.02180
Auspicious Robe of the Atniw0.34 rares0.030.01326
Auspicious Robe of the Northlight0.57 rares0.050.03120
Auspicious Robe of the Silent Champion2.16 rares0.190.1712
Auspicious Robes of Malicious Efflorescence0.34 rares0.030.01258
Auspicious Robes of the First Light0.45 rares0.040.02286
Auspicious Roshan Hunter Arms0.45 rares0.040.02240
Auspicious Roshan Hunter Back1.36 rares0.120.10137
Auspicious Roshan Hunter Belt0.45 rares0.040.02243
Auspicious Roshan Hunter Head1.13 rares0.100.0870
Auspicious Rune Forged Belt0.57 rares0.050.0373
Auspicious Rune Forged Bracers0.68 rares0.060.0484
Auspicious Rune Forged Helm0.68 rares0.060.0478
Auspicious Rune Forged Shoulders0.57 rares0.050.03103
Auspicious Rune Forged Staff0.79 rares0.070.05200
Auspicious Rune Forged Wings0.91 rares0.080.0667
Auspicious Sacred Orb Carapace0.79 rares0.070.05197
Auspicious Sacred Orb Helm0.45 rares0.040.02172
Auspicious Sacred Orb Venom Claws0.45 rares0.040.02197
Auspicious Sanguine Moon Patch2.61 rares0.230.20194
Auspicious Sash of Divine Ascension0.57 rares0.050.036
Auspicious Scale Pauldrons of Good Fortune2.84 rares0.250.229
Auspicious Scales of the Dragon Guard3.52 rares0.310.2711
Auspicious Scepter of Corrupted Amber3.06 rares0.270.238
Auspicious Scythe of Twin Deaths3.18 rares0.280.24194
Auspicious Scythe of Vyse243.77 rares, 7.07 keys21.4818.68101
Auspicious Second Disciple's Bastion0.57 rares0.050.03201
Auspicious Second Disciple's Blade1.36 rares0.120.1050
Auspicious Second Disciple's Chakram0.68 rares0.060.0488
Auspicious Second Disciple's Dagger0.79 rares0.070.05103
Auspicious Second Disciple's Satchel0.34 rares0.030.01281
Auspicious Second Disciple's Veil0.79 rares0.070.05111
Auspicious Sentinel Bow16.00 rares1.411.234
Auspicious Sentinel Cloak3.18 rares0.280.247
Auspicious Sentinel Gloves2.61 rares0.230.2013
Auspicious Sentinel Hood11.69 rares1.030.902
Auspicious Sentinel Legs6.70 rares0.590.514
Auspicious Sentinel Quiver2.38 rares0.210.1814
Auspicious Sentinel Shoulders5.79 rares0.510.449
Auspicious Shade of Anguish2.04 rares0.180.1669
Auspicious Shadow Calvaria14.98 rares1.321.153
Auspicious Shadow Claws10.67 rares0.940.824
Auspicious Shadow Spine3.40 rares0.300.2624
Auspicious Shadow Tracers4.31 rares0.380.3314
Auspicious Shadowshard1.25 rares0.110.09180
Auspicious Shadowshard - Off-Hand1.25 rares0.110.09183
Auspicious Shard of Blight0.45 rares0.040.02347
Auspicious Shard of Retribution0.79 rares0.070.05219
Auspicious Shard of Vengeance0.91 rares0.080.06196
Auspicious Shards of the Malignant Corruption5.22 rares0.460.4012
Auspicious Shield of Endless Havoc0.68 rares0.060.04103
Auspicious Shield of Eternal Eclipse0.57 rares0.050.03123
Auspicious Shield of the Silent Champion2.61 rares0.230.2010
Auspicious Shield of the Silent Guardian0.45 rares0.040.02135
Auspicious Shift of the Silent Guardian0.34 rares0.030.01342
Auspicious Shoulder Block of Delicacies of Butchery8.40 rares0.740.649
Auspicious Shoulder of Eternal Reign2.61 rares0.230.208
Auspicious Shoulder of the Atniw0.34 rares0.030.01302
Auspicious Shoulder of the Black Death13.96 rares1.231.0714
Auspicious Shoulderplates of Evil Spirit0.79 rares0.070.0525
Auspicious Shoulders of the Arsenal Magus7.04 rares0.620.5411
Auspicious Shoulders of the Forest Hermit0.45 rares0.040.02370
Auspicious Shoulders of the Fungal Lord0.79 rares0.070.05102
Auspicious Shoulders of the North0.45 rares0.040.02284
Auspicious Shoulders of the Silent Champion56.74 rares, 1.64 keys5.004.355
Auspicious Shroom Thing2.72 rares0.240.21194
Auspicious Shroud of the Awakened0.79 rares0.070.0565
Auspicious Shuriken of the Blood Stained Sands0.34 rares0.030.01393
Auspicious Sigil of the Steppe1.25 rares0.110.0964
Auspicious Skip the Delivery Frog4.31 rares0.380.33111
Auspicious Skirt of the Tentacular Timelord4.20 rares0.370.329
Auspicious Skittering Lotus0.91 rares0.080.06249
Auspicious Sleeves of the Charred Bloodline0.45 rares0.040.02120
Auspicious Sleeves of the Scorching Princess0.34 rares0.030.01303
Auspicious Snowl1.93 rares0.170.15185
Auspicious Song of the Wild Wind4.54 rares0.400.3513
Auspicious Spaulder of the Steppe1.36 rares0.120.1070
Auspicious Spaulders of The Howling Wolf0.91 rares0.080.06111
Auspicious Spear of Teardrop Ice0.45 rares0.040.02182
Auspicious Spear of the Outcast0.34 rares0.030.01190
Auspicious Speed Demon4.77 rares0.420.3792
Auspicious Spell Surveyor1.48 rares0.130.1172
Auspicious Spikes of the Master Weaver0.57 rares0.050.03178
Auspicious Spines of the Dreadful Abyss0.79 rares0.070.0595
Auspicious Spines of the Predator0.91 rares0.080.06194
Auspicious Spiral Staff of the First Light0.34 rares0.030.01318
Auspicious Spirit Crusher1.25 rares0.110.09148
Auspicious Spirit of Calm4.77 rares0.420.37216
Auspicious Spirit of the Atniw1.13 rares0.100.08183
Auspicious Spring Ward0.79 rares0.070.05200
Auspicious Squiddles3.06 rares0.270.23145
Auspicious Staff of Bird's Stone0.45 rares0.040.02201
Auspicious Staff of Divine Ascension1.70 rares0.150.1312
Auspicious Staff of the Demon Stone7.04 rares0.620.545
Auspicious Staff of the Frozen Feather0.91 rares0.080.0689
Auspicious Staff of the Fungal Lord0.45 rares0.040.02314
Auspicious Staff of the Malevolent0.45 rares0.040.02190
Auspicious Staff of the Northlight0.45 rares0.040.02128
Auspicious Staff of the Yuwipi0.91 rares0.080.0686
Auspicious Stag of the Northlight0.91 rares0.080.06196
Auspicious Starlight Armguards0.45 rares0.040.02253
Auspicious Starlight Band0.45 rares0.040.02137
Auspicious Starlight Bow0.79 rares0.070.05117
Auspicious Starlight Dress0.68 rares0.060.04103
Auspicious Starlight Finery0.45 rares0.040.02323
Auspicious Starlight Quiver0.57 rares0.050.03251
Auspicious Starrider of the Crescent Steel Glaive3.06 rares0.270.2311
Auspicious Starrider of the Crescent Steel Helmet3.97 rares0.350.307
Auspicious Starrider of the Crescent Steel Mount8.51 rares0.750.6516
Auspicious Starrider of the Crescent Steel Shield35.75 rares, 1.04 keys3.152.746
Auspicious Starrider of the Crescent Steel Shoulders1.48 rares0.130.1113
Auspicious Stature of the Woodland Outcast0.45 rares0.040.02181
Auspicious Steelweb Countenance0.79 rares0.070.05216
Auspicious Steelweb Cuirass0.45 rares0.040.02346
Auspicious Steelweb Sheaths0.79 rares0.070.05233
Auspicious Steelweb Shell0.45 rares0.040.02169
Auspicious Stinger of Entwined Fate0.34 rares0.030.01403
Auspicious Stinger of the Chosen Larva0.57 rares0.050.0389
Auspicious Stonehall Royal Guard Arms1.13 rares0.100.0818
Auspicious Stonehall Royal Guard Banners4.88 rares0.430.378
Auspicious Stonehall Royal Guard Dragonslayer1.48 rares0.130.1173
Auspicious Stonehall Royal Guard Helmet25.19 rares2.221.9312
Auspicious Stonehall Royal Guard Pauldrons3.18 rares0.280.2419
Auspicious Stoneshard Belt0.45 rares0.040.02321
Auspicious Stoneshard Bracers0.34 rares0.030.01323
Auspicious Stoneshard Crown0.45 rares0.040.02356
Auspicious Storm-Stealer's Armor0.79 rares0.070.0590
Auspicious Storm-Stealer's Belt1.59 rares0.140.1240
Auspicious Storm-Stealer's Bracers0.79 rares0.070.05130
Auspicious Storm-Stealer's Helm0.68 rares0.060.04191
Auspicious Strength of the Demon Stone Set154.34 rares, 4.47 keys13.6011.834
Auspicious Strifemaul of Hell's Ambassador0.45 rares0.040.02167
Auspicious Stryff the Owlion10.67 rares0.940.82108
Auspicious Sturdy Bracers of the Exiled Ronin0.57 rares0.050.03192
Auspicious Style of the Charred Bloodline0.45 rares0.040.02147
Auspicious Style of the Grove0.91 rares0.080.06185
Auspicious Style of the Lucent Rider8.40 rares0.740.6411
Auspicious Style of the Wild Wind17.59 rares1.551.355
Auspicious Sweep of the Steppe0.57 rares0.050.03175
Auspicious Sword of Impending Transgressions0.57 rares0.050.03194
Auspicious Tahlin Occult Dagger0.57 rares0.050.03189
Auspicious Tahlin Occult Dagger - Off-Hand0.57 rares0.050.03161
Auspicious Tahlin Occult Hood0.57 rares0.050.03145
Auspicious Tahlin Occult Shoulder Sigil0.45 rares0.040.02377
Auspicious Tail of Fury0.45 rares0.040.02222
Auspicious Tail of Impending Transgressions0.79 rares0.070.0566
Auspicious Tail of the Ember Crane11.35 rares1.000.879
Auspicious Tail of the Secret Order0.45 rares0.040.02345
Auspicious Tail of the Slithereen Knight0.57 rares0.050.03129
Auspicious Tail of the Wild Wind1.59 rares0.140.1216
Auspicious Tails of the Scorching Princess0.79 rares0.070.05219
Auspicious Talon of the Scarlet Raven0.91 rares0.080.0683
Auspicious Talon of the Scarlet Raven - Off-Hand0.79 rares0.070.05108
Auspicious Tarnhelm of Ruin0.57 rares0.050.03105
Auspicious Tassets of Impending Transgressions0.57 rares0.050.03317
Auspicious Tassets of the Chiseled Guard0.45 rares0.040.02304
Auspicious Tassets of the Red Conqueror0.79 rares0.070.0556
Auspicious Teeth of the Eternal Light0.79 rares0.070.05187
Auspicious Temper of the Highborn - Off-Hand0.79 rares0.070.05283
Auspicious Tendrils of the Dreadful Abyss0.45 rares0.040.02140
Auspicious The Caustic Consumption Set91.36 rares, 2.65 keys8.057.005
Auspicious Thorned Abdomen of Malice0.34 rares0.030.01193
Auspicious Thorned Skitterers of Despite0.79 rares0.070.05237
Auspicious Thorns of the Highborn0.45 rares0.040.02191
Auspicious Thrashers of the Dreadful Abyss0.34 rares0.030.01336
Auspicious Throe2.72 rares0.240.21182
Auspicious Tickled Tegu1.36 rares0.120.10236
Auspicious Tinkbot2.38 rares0.210.18190
Auspicious Tory the Sky Guardian2.61 rares0.230.20168
Auspicious Totem of Deep Magma135.16 rares, 3.92 keys11.9110.366
Auspicious Totem of the Forest Hermit0.79 rares0.070.05211
Auspicious Toxic Siege Armor Set79.33 rares, 2.30 keys6.996.083
Auspicious Toxic Siege Armored Saddle2.72 rares0.240.2113
Auspicious Toxic Siege Blades6.24 rares0.550.486
Auspicious Toxic Siege Bracers31.89 rares, 0.92 keys2.812.443
Auspicious Toxic Siege Corrosive Flasks2.04 rares0.180.167
Auspicious Toxic Siege Garb4.65 rares0.410.367
Auspicious Toxic Siege Pauldrons3.18 rares0.280.247
Auspicious Toxic Siege Safety Goggles10.89 rares0.960.831
Auspicious Trophies of the Outcast0.45 rares0.040.02188
Auspicious Trophy of the Shadowcat1.02 rares0.090.07191
Auspicious Twin Banner of the Dragon Guard6.70 rares0.590.515
Auspicious Twisted Firekeeper0.34 rares0.030.01410
Auspicious Vestments of the Exiled Ronin2.61 rares0.230.2086
Auspicious Vestments of the Ten Plagues Beard0.45 rares0.040.02343
Auspicious Vestments of the Ten Plagues Helm0.91 rares0.080.06192
Auspicious Vestments of the Ten Plagues Scythe0.57 rares0.050.03186
Auspicious Vestments of the Ten Plagues Shoulders0.91 rares0.080.06225
Auspicious Viridus Claw2.27 rares0.200.1732
Auspicious Viridus Crusher2.04 rares0.180.16100
Auspicious Viridus Leggings0.68 rares0.060.04111
Auspicious Viridus Spine37.45 rares, 1.09 keys3.302.872
Auspicious Visage of Eki Bukaw1.70 rares0.150.13115
Auspicious Waistguard of Command0.34 rares0.030.01354
Auspicious Waldi the Faithful9.65 rares0.850.7497
Auspicious Wandering Demon of the Plains Set309.37 rares, 8.97 keys27.2623.704
Auspicious Warding Guise1.02 rares0.090.07161
Auspicious Warhorse of the Demonic Vessel23.83 rares2.101.836
Auspicious Warriors of the Demon Stone6.36 rares0.560.4911
Auspicious Watchful Sotdae0.91 rares0.080.06179
Auspicious Webs of Perception Set44.83 rares, 1.30 keys3.953.438
Auspicious Whisk of the Highborn0.45 rares0.040.02173
Auspicious Whiskers of Entwined Fate0.34 rares0.030.01457
Auspicious Whispering Dead Armor0.45 rares0.040.02336
Auspicious Whispering Dead Mantle0.68 rares0.060.0482
Auspicious Whispering Dead Mask1.02 rares0.090.07141
Auspicious Wights from the Gloom4.88 rares0.430.37115
Auspicious Wild Moss Beard of the Fungal Lord0.45 rares0.040.02271
Auspicious Winged Shroud of Ruin0.45 rares0.040.02339
Auspicious Wings of Blight0.79 rares0.070.05199
Auspicious Wings of Divine Ascension17.02 rares1.501.304
Auspicious Wings of Impending Transgressions2.38 rares0.210.18107
Auspicious Wings of Malicious Efflorescence0.79 rares0.070.0569
Auspicious Wings of Obelis Arms0.34 rares0.030.01369
Auspicious Wings of Obelis Helmet0.57 rares0.050.03136
Auspicious Wings of Obelis Mount0.91 rares0.080.06224
Auspicious Wings of Obelis Mount Armor0.34 rares0.030.01456
Auspicious Wings of Obelis Shoulders0.45 rares0.040.02133
Auspicious Wings of Obelis Staff0.34 rares0.030.01366
Auspicious Wings of the Ember Crane2.16 rares0.190.179
Auspicious Wise Cap of the First Light2.04 rares0.180.16132
Auspicious Wizardry Staff of the North0.79 rares0.070.05202
Auspicious Words of the Awakened0.57 rares0.050.03120
Auspicious Wraps of the Blood Covenant0.45 rares0.040.02341
Auspicious Wraps of the Eastern Range5.56 rares0.490.436
Auspicious Wraps of the Radiant Protector1.25 rares0.110.0918
Auspicious Wrath of the Highborn0.91 rares0.080.06230
Auspicious Wrist Shackles of the Black Death4.20 rares0.370.325
Auspicious Wyvernguard Edge87.16 rares, 2.53 keys7.686.6862
Auspicious Ye Olde Pipe0.79 rares0.070.05141
Australian E-Sports League56.74 rares, 1.64 keys5.004.351
Australian E-Sports League 2014 Summer Cup34.39 rares, 1.00 keys3.032.632
Australian Esports League 2014 Winter Cup112.35 rares, 3.26 keys9.908.617
Autograph Rune31.55 rares, 0.91 keys2.782.4217
Autograph: 'ALWAYSWANNAFLY' Andrey Bondarenko180.56 rares, 5.23 keys15.9113.831
Autograph: 'ARS-ART' Sergey Revin68.09 rares, 1.97 keys6.005.221
Autograph: 'AdmiralBulldog' Henrik Ahnberg1,842.80 rares, 53.41 keys162.38141.201
Autograph: 'Akke' Joakim Akterhall154.57 rares, 4.48 keys13.6211.841
Autograph: 'Arteezy' Artour Babaev453.83 rares, 13.15 keys39.9934.771
Autograph: 'Banana' Wang Jiao4,539.47 rares, 131.58 keys, 1.77 tbrs400.00347.831
Autograph: 'Black^' Dominik Reitmeier79.33 rares, 2.30 keys6.996.081
Autograph: 'BuLba' Sam Sosale30.53 rares, 0.88 keys2.692.342
Autograph: 'BurNIng' Xu Zhilei2,871.22 rares, 83.22 keys, 1.12 tbrs253.00220.002
Autograph: 'ChuaN' Wong Hock Chuan192.70 rares, 5.59 keys16.9814.773
Autograph: 'DDZ' Kok Yi Liong74.33 rares, 2.15 keys6.555.704
Autograph: 'Dendi' Danil Ishutin708.73 rares, 20.54 keys62.4554.301
Autograph: 'EGM' Jerry Lindqvist170.23 rares, 4.93 keys15.0013.041
Autograph: 'Era' Adrian Kryeziu50.84 rares, 1.47 keys4.483.901
Autograph: 'EternaLEnVy' Jacky Mao317.76 rares, 9.21 keys28.0024.352
Autograph: 'Fenrir' Lu Chao83.53 rares, 2.42 keys7.366.401
Autograph: 'Ferrari_430' Luo Feichi1,044.08 rares, 30.26 keys92.0080.003
Autograph: 'Fly' Tal Aizik36.77 rares, 1.07 keys3.242.821
Autograph: 'FoREv' Sangdon Lee1,305.10 rares, 37.83 keys115.00100.002
Autograph: 'Fogged' Ioannis Loucas32.23 rares, 0.93 keys2.842.471
Autograph: 'Funn1k' Gleb Lipatnikov85.80 rares, 2.49 keys7.566.571
Autograph: 'Hao' Chen Zhihao365.43 rares, 10.59 keys32.2028.001
Autograph: 'Heen' Seung Gon Lee978.82 rares, 28.37 keys86.2575.001
Autograph: 'IllidanSTR' Ilya Pivcaev226.75 rares, 6.57 keys19.9817.372
Autograph: 'Johnny' Lee Siong Tait40.40 rares, 1.17 keys3.563.105
Autograph: 'JotM' Egor Surkov1,030.23 rares, 29.86 keys90.7878.941
Autograph: 'KuroKy' Kuro Salehi Takhasomi510.69 rares, 14.80 keys45.0039.131
Autograph: 'LaNcE' Fua Hsien Wan130.51 rares, 3.78 keys11.5010.003
Autograph: 'Lin' Xu Ziyang340.35 rares, 9.87 keys29.9926.081
Autograph: 'Loda' Jonathan Berg329.57 rares, 9.55 keys29.0425.252
Autograph: 'Luo' Luo Yinqi204.28 rares, 5.92 keys18.0015.651
Autograph: 'Lysander' Xonora Lim Lyn-Feng9.99 rares0.880.7717
Autograph: 'MMY' Lei Zengrong1,305.10 rares, 37.83 keys115.00100.001
Autograph: 'MSS' Arif Anwar37.56 rares, 1.09 keys3.312.883
Autograph: 'Mag' Andrey Chipenko108.95 rares, 3.16 keys9.608.353
Autograph: 'March' Taewon Park514.78 rares, 14.92 keys45.3639.441
Autograph: 'Mason' Mason Venne39.15 rares, 1.13 keys3.453.001
Autograph: 'MoZuN' Goh Choo Jian110.99 rares, 3.22 keys9.788.506
Autograph: 'Mu' Zhang Pan587.29 rares, 17.02 keys51.7545.004
Autograph: 'N0tail' Johan Sundstein113.49 rares, 3.29 keys10.008.701
Autograph: 'NS' Yaroslav Kuznetsov149.35 rares, 4.33 keys13.1611.441
Autograph: 'NWP' Ng Wei Poong126.88 rares, 3.68 keys11.189.723
Autograph: 'Net' Wai Pern Lim79.33 rares, 2.30 keys6.996.081
Autograph: 'Ohaiyo' Chong Xin Khoo391.53 rares, 11.35 keys34.5030.003
Autograph: 'Pajkatt' Per Anders Olsson Lille924.35 rares, 26.79 keys81.4570.831
Autograph: 'Pegasus' Jimmy Ho35.29 rares, 1.02 keys3.112.702
Autograph: 'Puppey' Clement Ivanov181.58 rares, 5.26 keys16.0013.913
Autograph: 'QO' Sun Yeob Kim1,045.44 rares, 30.30 keys92.1280.101
Autograph: 'Rabbit' Wang Zhang567.43 rares, 16.45 keys50.0043.481
Autograph: 'ReiseN' JunYeong Lee16.91 rares1.491.303
Autograph: 'Resolut1on' Roman Fominok100.44 rares, 2.91 keys8.857.701
Autograph: 'Sansheng' Wang Zhaohui391.53 rares, 11.35 keys34.5030.001
Autograph: 'SingSing' Weh Sing Yuen652.55 rares, 18.91 keys57.5050.001
Autograph: 'Sneyking' JingJun Wu130.51 rares, 3.78 keys11.5010.001
Autograph: 'Super' Xie Junhao234.92 rares, 6.81 keys20.7018.001
Autograph: 'Sylar' Liu Jiajun397.20 rares, 11.51 keys35.0030.431
Autograph: 'TC' Tyler Cook21.45 rares1.891.644
Autograph: 'Trixi' Kalle Saarinen72.18 rares, 2.09 keys6.365.531
Autograph: 'UNiVeRsE' Saahil Arora110.88 rares, 3.21 keys9.778.501
Autograph: 'VANSKOR' Ivan Skorokhod90.79 rares, 2.63 keys8.006.961
Autograph: 'X' Joel Chan Zhan Leong29.73 rares, 0.86 keys2.622.281
Autograph: 'XBOCT' Alexander Dashkevich115.64 rares, 3.35 keys10.198.861
Autograph: 'Xiangzaiii' Chiok Soon Siang3,571.66 rares, 103.53 keys, 1.39 tbrs314.72273.671
Autograph: 'YYF' Jiang Cen1,044.08 rares, 30.26 keys92.0080.001
Autograph: 'Yao' Yao Zhengzheng192.70 rares, 5.59 keys16.9814.771
Autograph: 'ddc' Leong Fat-Meng181.58 rares, 5.26 keys16.0013.911
Autograph: 'fy' Xu Linsen456.78 rares, 13.24 keys40.2535.001
Autograph: 'iceiceice' Daryl Koh Pei Xiang343.41 rares, 9.95 keys30.2626.311
Autograph: 'kYxY' Lee Kong Yang40.40 rares, 1.17 keys3.563.103
Autograph: 'paS' Pascal Lohmeier45.39 rares, 1.32 keys4.003.483
Autograph: 'qojqva' Maximilian Broecker122.68 rares, 3.56 keys10.819.401
Autograph: 'rOtk' Bai Fan470.40 rares, 13.63 keys41.4536.041
Autograph: 's4' Gustav Magnusson261.02 rares, 7.57 keys23.0020.003
Autograph: 'wayto' Peter Nguyen652.55 rares, 18.91 keys57.5050.001
Autograph: 'xiao8' Zhang Ning215.28 rares, 6.24 keys18.9716.501
Autograph: 'zai' Ludwig Whlberg159.45 rares, 4.62 keys14.0512.221
Autograph: 143742.44 rares, 1.23 keys3.743.257
Autograph: 7ckngMad907.89 rares, 26.32 keys80.0069.571
Autograph: <3 dpm43.81 rares, 1.27 keys3.863.368
Autograph: @KawaDota64.91 rares, 1.88 keys5.724.9710
Autograph: @LuminousInverse49.25 rares, 1.43 keys4.343.7713
Autograph: ARS ART109.86 rares, 3.18 keys9.688.4213
Autograph: ARS-ART151.50 rares, 4.39 keys13.3511.617
Autograph: Aaron "Ayesee" Chambers138.68 rares, 4.02 keys12.2210.631
Autograph: Aaron 'Ayesee' Chambers10.10 rares0.890.776
Autograph: Aaron Ayesee Chambers19.86 rares1.751.527
Autograph: Aaron \"Ayesee\" Chambers22.13 rares1.951.708
Autograph: AdmiralBulldog391.53 rares, 11.35 keys34.5030.005
Autograph: Alan 'RyuUboruZ' Andersen9.99 rares0.880.779
Autograph: Alan RyuUboruZ Andersen22.13 rares1.951.703
Autograph: Aleksei 'Solo' Berezin12.60 rares1.110.9716
Autograph: Aleksei Solo Berezin300.17 rares, 8.70 keys26.4523.001
Autograph: Alexander 'XBOCT' Dashkevich283.72 rares, 8.22 keys25.0021.741
Autograph: Andrey 'Dread' Golubev12.26 rares1.080.9423
Autograph: Andrey Dread Golubev54.47 rares, 1.58 keys4.804.171
Autograph: Andy 'Draskyl' Stiles9.99 rares0.880.7714
Autograph: Andy Draskyl Stiles20.43 rares1.801.571
Autograph: Anuxi39.15 rares, 1.13 keys3.453.0011
Autograph: Anuxi <370.93 rares, 2.06 keys6.255.439
Autograph: Anuxi <3 75.92 rares, 2.20 keys6.695.8213
Autograph: Aren 'VeRsuta' Zurabyan10.10 rares0.890.7722
Autograph: Aren VeRsuta Zurabyan127.22 rares, 3.69 keys11.219.751
Autograph: Artour 'Arteezy' Babaev453.83 rares, 13.15 keys39.9934.771
Autograph: Aui_200061.85 rares, 1.79 keys5.454.7417
Autograph: Austin 'Capitalist' Walsh11.01 rares0.970.8414
Autograph: Austin Capitalist Walsh195.31 rares, 5.66 keys17.2114.971
Autograph: BISHO BOLA56.18 rares, 1.63 keys4.954.301
Autograph: Bai 'rOtk' Fan453.83 rares, 13.15 keys39.9934.771
Autograph: Ben 'Merlini' Wu9.53 rares0.840.7318
Autograph: Ben Merlini Wu358.50 rares, 10.39 keys31.5927.471
Autograph: Bisho BOLA226.75 rares, 6.57 keys19.9817.371
Autograph: Bisho Bola168.53 rares, 4.88 keys14.8512.911
Autograph: Bisho bola56.74 rares, 1.64 keys5.004.353
Autograph: Black^135.73 rares, 3.93 keys11.9610.4014
Autograph: Blitz73.77 rares, 2.14 keys6.505.6513
Autograph: Bronto Thumder113.49 rares, 3.29 keys10.008.701
Autograph: Bronto Thunder829.13 rares, 24.03 keys73.0663.531
Autograph: BrontoThunder16.00 rares1.411.2318
Autograph: BrontoThunder 154.12 rares, 4.47 keys13.5811.812
Autograph: Bruno170.23 rares, 4.93 keys15.0013.045
Autograph: Bruno Carlucci9.19 rares0.810.7017
Autograph: Bryan 'Kpoptosis' Herren8.85 rares0.780.688
Autograph: Bryan Kpoptosis Herren62.30 rares, 1.81 keys5.494.771
Autograph: Buntcake45.51 rares, 1.32 keys4.013.497
Autograph: BurNing4,539.47 rares, 131.58 keys, 1.77 tbrs400.00347.831
Autograph: Cameron 'Basskip' Scott12.03 rares1.060.929
Autograph: Cameron Basskip Scott40.51 rares, 1.17 keys3.573.102
Autograph: Cersei Lannister25.99 rares, 0.75 keys2.291.9910
Autograph: Chairraider680.92 rares, 19.74 keys60.0052.171
Autograph: Chemical Alia10.67 rares0.940.829
Autograph: ChemicalAlia19.52 rares1.721.501
Autograph: ChuaN249.67 rares, 7.24 keys22.0019.139
Autograph: Cyborgmatt52.09 rares, 1.51 keys4.593.9923
Autograph: Dakota 'KotLGuy' Cox10.67 rares0.940.8215
Autograph: Dakota KotLGuy Cox51.64 rares, 1.50 keys4.553.961
Autograph: Danidem35.41 rares, 1.03 keys3.122.7114
Autograph: Dave Fennoy17.02 rares1.501.307
Autograph: David "LD" Gorman19.52 rares1.721.5012
Autograph: David 'GoDz' Parker9.99 rares0.880.778
Autograph: David 'LD' Gorman8.85 rares0.780.6820
Autograph: David 'Luminous' Zhang10.10 rares0.890.778
Autograph: David GoDz Parker77.28 rares, 2.24 keys6.815.921
Autograph: David LD Gorman78.31 rares, 2.27 keys6.906.001
Autograph: David Luminous Zhang14.07 rares1.241.081
Autograph: David \"LD\" Gorman22.58 rares1.991.732
Autograph: Dendi4,539.47 rares, 131.58 keys, 1.77 tbrs400.00347.831
Autograph: Dendi The Superman95.33 rares, 2.76 keys8.407.30208
Autograph: Dendi the Superman1,134.87 rares, 32.89 keys100.0086.961
Autograph: Dmitriy 'LighTofHeaveN' Kupriyanov10.55 rares0.930.8117
Autograph: Dmitriy LighTofHeaveN Kupriyanov84.77 rares, 2.46 keys7.476.501
Autograph: Do 'Aqua Dota 2 9.53 rares0.840.739
Autograph: Do Aqua Dota 2 141.75 rares, 4.11 keys12.4910.861
Autograph: Don Don45.39 rares, 1.32 keys4.003.481
Autograph: DotaFX12.71 rares1.120.9717
Autograph: Draskyl27.92 rares, 0.81 keys2.462.1411
Autograph: Dry28.60 rares, 0.83 keys2.522.1920
Autograph: DrySocket33.59 rares, 0.97 keys2.962.574
Autograph: EG.Bdiz47.66 rares, 1.38 keys4.203.6515
Autograph: EG.Fear442.60 rares, 12.83 keys39.0033.914
Autograph: EGM247.97 rares, 7.19 keys21.8519.004
Autograph: Ellen McLain79.33 rares, 2.30 keys6.996.0811
Autograph: Era141.86 rares, 4.11 keys12.5010.873
Autograph: Era The Monster71.16 rares, 2.06 keys6.275.4520
Autograph: Eric Newsome36.20 rares, 1.05 keys3.192.7711
Autograph: EternaLEnVy Kami 215.28 rares, 6.24 keys18.9716.505
Autograph: FATA-68.09 rares, 1.97 keys6.005.2211
Autograph: Faker1,305.10 rares, 37.83 keys115.00100.001
Autograph: Fear907.89 rares, 26.32 keys80.0069.571
Autograph: Fewes27.12 rares, 0.79 keys2.392.0813
Autograph: Fnatic.Fly52.09 rares, 1.51 keys4.593.9913
Autograph: Fnatic.H4nn1128.69 rares, 3.73 keys11.349.869
Autograph: Fogged25.76 rares2.271.9716
Autograph: Fua Hsien 'LaNcE' Wan1,045.44 rares, 30.30 keys92.1280.101
Autograph: Fudgie Wudgie10.10 rares0.890.7714
Autograph: GOD62.99 rares, 1.83 keys5.554.831
Autograph: Gary Schwartz37.45 rares, 1.09 keys3.302.8710
Autograph: Gin Hammond89.65 rares, 2.60 keys7.906.8712
Autograph: GoDz19.29 rares1.701.4820
Autograph: Goblak907.89 rares, 26.32 keys80.0069.571
Autograph: Greg 'WhatIsHip' Laird10.78 rares0.950.832
Autograph: Greg WhatIsHip Laird455.54 rares, 13.20 keys40.1434.901
Autograph: HYHY1,815.79 rares, 52.63 keys160.00139.132
Autograph: Hawf12.14 rares1.070.939
Autograph: Hot_Bid83.64 rares, 2.42 keys7.376.417
Autograph: ImbaTV.BBC11.46 rares1.010.8828
Autograph: ImbaTV.HT13.39 rares1.181.0316
Autograph: Ivan 'Faker' Demkin9.87 rares0.870.766
Autograph: Ivan Faker Demkin29.62 rares, 0.86 keys2.612.271
Autograph: Jacob 'Maelk' Toft-Andersen10.10 rares0.890.774
Autograph: Jacob Maelk Toft-Andersen25.99 rares, 0.75 keys2.291.991
Autograph: James Harding9.08 rares0.800.7021
Autograph: Jen Taylor113.49 rares, 3.29 keys10.008.703
Autograph: Jeremy Klein308.23 rares, 8.93 keys27.1623.622
Autograph: JingJun \'Sneyking\' Wu130.51 rares, 3.78 keys11.5010.004
Autograph: John Patrick Lowrie50.50 rares, 1.46 keys4.453.876
Autograph: Jorien 'Sheever' van der Heijden9.99 rares0.880.7712
Autograph: Jorien Sheever van der Heijden22.70 rares2.001.741
Autograph: Josh 'AUTUMNWINDZ' Lee12.60 rares1.110.973
Autograph: Josh AUTUMNWINDZ Lee19.18 rares1.691.472
Autograph: Kaci Aitchison9.53 rares0.840.7323
Autograph: Kawa12.94 rares1.140.9915
Autograph: Ken 'Hot_Bid' Chen10.78 rares0.950.8312
Autograph: Ken Hot_Bid Chen22.36 rares1.971.711
Autograph: Kevin "Purge" Godec37.79 rares, 1.10 keys3.332.9012
Autograph: Kevin 'Purge' Godec9.19 rares0.810.7020
Autograph: Kevin Purge Godec67.98 rares, 1.97 keys5.995.211
Autograph: Kevin \"Purge\" Godec56.18 rares, 1.63 keys4.954.3016
Autograph: Korie13.62 rares1.201.0418
Autograph: Korok30.75 rares, 0.89 keys2.712.3611
Autograph: Kunkka107.81 rares, 3.13 keys9.508.265
Autograph: KuroKy3,404.61 rares, 98.68 keys, 1.32 tbrs300.00260.871
Autograph: LGD.1437.int226.75 rares, 6.57 keys19.9817.371
Autograph: Lao Dang13.62 rares1.201.0411
Autograph: Linda K. Morris44.71 rares, 1.30 keys3.943.4311
Autograph: Liquid`BuLba51.07 rares, 1.48 keys4.503.9114
Autograph: Liquid`FLUFF39.95 rares, 1.16 keys3.523.0611
Autograph: Liquid`TC38.81 rares, 1.13 keys3.422.9713
Autograph: Lod[A]221.87 rares, 6.43 keys19.5517.0019
Autograph: Longdd23.15 rares2.041.7712
Autograph: Luminem61.06 rares, 1.77 keys5.384.6811
Autograph: Luminous91.36 rares, 2.65 keys8.057.001
Autograph: Lysander Xonora Lim Lyn-Feng19.52 rares1.721.501
Autograph: Maelk130.17 rares, 3.77 keys11.479.975
Autograph: Merlini323.32 rares, 9.37 keys28.4924.776
Autograph: Miao20.31 rares1.791.5612
Autograph: Mik17.02 rares1.501.3020
Autograph: Morf-designer9.87 rares0.870.7611
Autograph: MuFc_WinteR70.93 rares, 2.06 keys6.255.439
Autograph: Mumu16.68 rares1.471.2833
Autograph: Mushi362.02 rares, 10.49 keys31.9027.7412
Autograph: N0tail511.03 rares, 14.81 keys45.0339.163
Autograph: Nikey17.59 rares1.551.3510
Autograph: Nikita '4ce' Kotkov11.24 rares0.990.8610
Autograph: Nikita 4ce Kotkov25.19 rares2.221.932
Autograph: Null-34.05 rares, 0.99 keys3.002.611
Autograph: Oleg 'prb' Bulavko11.35 rares1.000.8710
Autograph: Oleg prb Bulavko212.90 rares, 6.17 keys18.7616.311
Autograph: OniLolz12.60 rares1.110.977
Autograph: Oroboros37.22 rares, 1.08 keys3.282.8518
Autograph: PaisY15.09 rares1.331.1617
Autograph: Pittner 'bOne7' Armand4,539.47 rares, 131.58 keys, 1.77 tbrs400.00347.831
Autograph: Primose226.75 rares, 6.57 keys19.9817.371
Autograph: Primrose!~19.07 rares1.681.469
Autograph: Primrose~99.87 rares, 2.89 keys8.807.657
Autograph: Puppey96.24 rares, 2.79 keys8.487.3720
Autograph: Pyrion Flax11.69 rares1.030.9021
Autograph: PyrionFlax53.11 rares, 1.54 keys4.684.0714
Autograph: Reaves48.23 rares, 1.40 keys4.253.7016
Autograph: Rikard 'skrff' Holm Melin9.31 rares0.820.7111
Autograph: Rikard skrff Holm Melin56.29 rares, 1.63 keys4.964.311
Autograph: Robin \"Bumblebee\" Nymann52.09 rares, 1.51 keys4.593.999
Autograph: Robo14.07 rares1.241.082
Autograph: Roman 'CaspeRRR' Lepokhin10.67 rares0.940.8217
Autograph: Roman 'Resolut1on' Fominok90.79 rares, 2.63 keys8.006.961
Autograph: Roman CaspeRRR Lepokhin1,157.57 rares, 33.55 keys102.0088.701
Autograph: SUNSfan57.31 rares, 1.66 keys5.054.3911
Autograph: Sam Mowry39.15 rares, 1.13 keys3.453.008
Autograph: Shane 'shaneomad' Clarke15.89 rares1.401.2210
Autograph: Shane shaneomad Clarke36.20 rares, 1.05 keys3.192.772
Autograph: Shannon 'SUNSfan' Scotten9.76 rares0.860.7518
Autograph: Shannon SUNSfan Scotten226.75 rares, 6.57 keys19.9817.371
Autograph: Sheever54.47 rares, 1.58 keys4.804.1717
Autograph: Sith Happens20.43 rares1.801.579
Autograph: Sith Happens.35.41 rares, 1.03 keys3.122.7114
Autograph: Sneyking46.42 rares, 1.35 keys4.093.566
Autograph: Stanislav 'Null-' Iaroslavtcev25.08 rares2.211.9215
Autograph: Stephen Dong Suk 'CyNiCaL-' Chung9.53 rares0.840.737
Autograph: Stephen Dong Suk CyNiCaL- Chung22.58 rares1.991.731
Autograph: T Vidotto169.66 rares, 4.92 keys14.9513.002
Autograph: TC340.35 rares, 9.87 keys29.9926.081
Autograph: T_Vidotto12.37 rares1.090.9521
Autograph: Taeyoon 'Teron' Lee9.65 rares0.850.749
Autograph: Taeyoon Teron Lee18.95 rares1.671.451
Autograph: Terra.Cotta17.48 rares1.541.3412
Autograph: Tidal Craftsman11.01 rares0.970.8416
Autograph: TobiWan!73.65 rares, 2.13 keys6.495.649
Autograph: Tobiwan!65.25 rares, 1.89 keys5.755.004
Autograph: Toby 'TobiWan' Dawson11.12 rares0.980.8536
Autograph: Toby TobiWan Dawson40.51 rares, 1.17 keys3.573.104
Autograph: Travis 'Maut' Bueno10.78 rares0.950.8310
Autograph: Travis Maut Bueno16.68 rares1.471.281
Autograph: Trixi42.56 rares, 1.23 keys3.753.2614
Autograph: Troels 'syndereN' Nielsen10.44 rares0.920.8011
Autograph: Troels syndereN Nielsen45.51 rares, 1.32 keys4.013.492
Autograph: Universe295.07 rares, 8.55 keys26.0022.611
Autograph: Unknown Player318.56 rares, 9.23 keys28.0724.416
Autograph: Vermilion Wlad11.01 rares0.970.8417
Autograph: Viktor 'GodHunt' Volkov10.55 rares0.930.8114
Autograph: Viktor GodHunt Volkov19.52 rares1.721.501
Autograph: NS52.09 rares, 1.51 keys4.593.9918
Autograph: Vitalii 'v1lat' Volochai12.26 rares1.080.9423
Autograph: Vitalii v1lat Volochai113.49 rares, 3.29 keys10.008.704
Autograph: Vladimir3,733.04 rares, 108.20 keys, 1.45 tbrs328.94286.031
Autograph: Vladimir 'Maelstorm' Kuzminov11.35 rares1.000.8713
Autograph: Vladimir ->the implyer3,393.26 rares, 98.36 keys, 1.32 tbrs299.00260.001
Autograph: Vladimir Maelstorm Kuzminov158.20 rares, 4.59 keys13.9412.121
Autograph: Wagamama12.26 rares1.080.9422
Autograph: Waytosexy567.32 rares, 16.44 keys49.9943.471
Autograph: Weppas12.48 rares1.100.9626
Autograph: XBOCT4,528.13 rares, 131.25 keys, 1.76 tbrs399.00346.961
Autograph: Yaroslav 'NS' Kuznetsov113.71 rares, 3.30 keys10.028.711
Autograph: Yi25.99 rares, 0.75 keys2.291.995
Autograph: ZHOU XIONG 'ZIPPO'11.24 rares0.990.8615
Autograph: ZHOU XIONG ZIPPO25.99 rares, 0.75 keys2.291.991
Autograph: Zaphk27.35 rares, 0.79 keys2.412.1012
Autograph: Zhang 'xiao8' Ning430.12 rares, 12.47 keys37.9032.961
Autograph: Zhou21.68 rares1.911.6626
Autograph: Ziedrich10.10 rares0.890.7718
Autograph: [A] EGM110.54 rares, 3.20 keys9.748.479
Autograph: [A]EGM340.35 rares, 9.87 keys29.9926.081
Autograph: [A]dmiralBulldog495.94 rares, 14.38 keys43.7038.0011
Autograph: [A]kke103.73 rares, 3.01 keys9.147.9528
Autograph: [A]s4193.15 rares, 5.60 keys17.0214.8011
Autograph: bisho bola25.99 rares, 0.75 keys2.291.999
Autograph: buntcake35.41 rares, 1.03 keys3.122.717
Autograph: chemical Alia83.75 rares, 2.43 keys7.386.429
Autograph: chemicalalia51.07 rares, 1.48 keys4.503.9112
Autograph: chemicalalia76561197996055531153.21 rares, 4.44 keys13.5011.741
Autograph: chenizace261.02 rares, 7.57 keys23.0020.001
Autograph: danche19.07 rares1.681.4626
Autograph: danidem67.87 rares, 1.97 keys5.985.201
Autograph: dr. lee21.22 rares1.871.635
Autograph: furryfish*261.02 rares, 7.57 keys23.0020.001
Autograph: ixmike8856.74 rares, 1.64 keys5.004.3512
Autograph: paS36.20 rares, 1.05 keys3.192.7714
Autograph: pc cold39.49 rares, 1.14 keys3.483.0327
Autograph: qojqva1,305.10 rares, 37.83 keys115.00100.001
Autograph: skrff26.22 rares, 0.76 keys2.312.0110
Autograph: syndereN27.12 rares, 0.79 keys2.392.0820
Autograph: t_Vidotto44.83 rares, 1.30 keys3.953.434
Autograph: v1lat78.65 rares, 2.28 keys6.936.039
Autograph: xiao81,957.65 rares, 56.74 keys, 0.76 tbrs172.50150.001
Autograph: 啸天14.75 rares1.301.1321
Autograph: 李坏13.85 rares1.221.063
Autograph: 董灿11.24 rares0.990.8612
Autograph: 정인호 'Gominho'8.85 rares0.780.6818
Autograph: �108.04 rares, 3.13 keys9.528.281
Autographed A Bit of Boat44.83 rares, 1.30 keys3.953.433
Autographed A Dire Gaze169.32 rares, 4.91 keys14.9212.971
Autographed Abdomen of Perception665.71 rares, 19.30 keys58.6651.011
Autographed Abyssal Hellclaw29.73 rares, 0.86 keys2.622.282
Autographed Acolyte of Vengeance Armor24.85 rares2.191.906
Autographed Acolyte of Vengeance Mask35.41 rares, 1.03 keys3.122.716
Autographed Acolyte of Vengeance Offhand309.02 rares, 8.96 keys27.2323.681
Autographed Aether-Wings61.96 rares, 1.80 keys5.464.754
Autographed Aethereal Crescent Wand74.90 rares, 2.17 keys6.605.741
Autographed Aged Spirit of Tide34.05 rares, 0.99 keys3.002.614
Autographed Aghanim's Basher67.87 rares, 1.97 keys5.985.204
Autographed Ahm'Hedoq the Maw26.67 rares, 0.77 keys2.352.043
Autographed Ainidul the Eternal43.13 rares, 1.25 keys3.803.302
Autographed Akakiryu of a Thousand Faces56.74 rares, 1.64 keys5.004.351
Autographed Alchemists Infuser2,157.73 rares, 62.54 keys, 0.84 tbrs190.13165.331
Autographed Alliance HUD71.72 rares, 2.08 keys6.325.501
Autographed Alphid of Lecaciida140.95 rares, 4.09 keys12.4210.801
Autographed Amberlight Hood130.51 rares, 3.78 keys11.5010.001
Autographed Ambinderath's Jaw4,589.18 rares, 133.02 keys, 1.79 tbrs404.38351.631
Autographed Ancient Armor Back56.74 rares, 1.64 keys5.004.351
Autographed Ancient Armor Shoulder Shields230.04 rares, 6.67 keys20.2717.631
Autographed Ancient Crasher58.67 rares, 1.70 keys5.174.505
Autographed Ancient Crescent65.25 rares, 1.89 keys5.755.001
Autographed Ancient Crown25.76 rares2.271.971
Autographed Ancient Imbued Spinal Blade108.95 rares, 3.16 keys9.608.351
Autographed Ancient Link130.51 rares, 3.78 keys11.5010.001
Autographed Andalmere the Litigon48.23 rares, 1.40 keys4.253.704
Autographed Anguilla19.52 rares1.721.502
Autographed Announcer: GLaDOS195.76 rares, 5.67 keys17.2515.002
Autographed Announcer: Pyrion Flax851.15 rares, 24.67 keys75.0065.221
Autographed Antennae of the Master Weaver2,049.12 rares, 59.39 keys, 0.80 tbrs180.56157.011
Autographed Antiquity90.68 rares, 2.63 keys7.996.951
Autographed Anunkasan32.91 rares, 0.95 keys2.902.523
Autographed Aperture Science Wardcore44.71 rares, 1.30 keys3.943.431
Autographed Araceae's Tribute Hair941.94 rares, 27.30 keys83.0072.171
Autographed Arc of Manta45.51 rares, 1.32 keys4.013.496
Autographed Arc of Manta - Off-Hand46.64 rares, 1.35 keys4.113.575
Autographed Arcane Drapings25.99 rares, 0.75 keys2.291.991
Autographed Arcane Staff of the Ancients48.23 rares, 1.40 keys4.253.701
Autographed Armor of Cicatrix Regalia2,008.83 rares, 58.23 keys, 0.78 tbrs177.01153.921
Autographed Armor of the Black Bird25.99 rares, 0.75 keys2.291.991
Autographed Armor of the Hunter111.44 rares, 3.23 keys9.828.541
Autographed Armor of the Mage Slayer123.93 rares, 3.59 keys10.929.501
Autographed Armor of the Witch Hunter24.85 rares2.191.903
Autographed Armored Exoskeleton Wings283.49 rares, 8.22 keys24.9821.721
Autographed Arnabus the Fairy Rabbit44.03 rares, 1.28 keys3.883.371
Autographed Arsenal Forge27.01 rares, 0.78 keys2.382.073
Autographed Artisan of Havoc Helmet36.20 rares, 1.05 keys3.192.773
Autographed Artisan of Havoc Hook106.22 rares, 3.08 keys9.368.141
Autographed Ashtongue27.92 rares, 0.81 keys2.462.144
Autographed Aspect Mask of Fulminant Rage168.07 rares, 4.87 keys14.8112.881
Autographed Assistant's Respirator1,815.79 rares, 52.63 keys160.00139.131
Autographed Ataxia130.51 rares, 3.78 keys11.5010.002
Autographed Augur's Ghosts171.59 rares, 4.97 keys15.1213.151
Autographed Augury's Guardian25.31 rares2.231.942
Autographed Auspice of Iczoxtotec34.73 rares, 1.01 keys3.062.663
Autographed Avon of the Crescent Moon85.68 rares, 2.48 keys7.556.573
Autographed Axe of the Black Death Executioner47.32 rares, 1.37 keys4.173.634
Autographed Axe of the Harbinger117.46 rares, 3.40 keys10.359.001
Autographed Axe of the Red Conqueror34.05 rares, 0.99 keys3.002.611
Autographed Azure Shroud36.77 rares, 1.07 keys3.242.821
Autographed Azuremir56.74 rares, 1.64 keys5.004.351
Autographed Baby Roshan56.74 rares, 1.64 keys5.004.3516
Autographed Back of the Master Weaver14.98 rares1.321.1510
Autographed Backpack of the Twin Blades72.52 rares, 2.10 keys6.395.561
Autographed Baekho112.35 rares, 3.26 keys9.908.614
Autographed Ball-n-Chains of the Black Death10.78 rares0.950.832
Autographed Bandana of the Bone Ruin Bandits31.66 rares, 0.92 keys2.792.431
Autographed Banners of Battle Fortune23.15 rares2.041.772
Autographed Barrel of Whale Ale14.41 rares1.271.101
Autographed Basim136.75 rares, 3.96 keys12.0510.482
Autographed Battle Banner of the Masked104.29 rares, 3.02 keys9.197.991
Autographed Battlefury940.69 rares, 27.27 keys82.8972.087
Autographed Battleseeker Helmet78.53 rares, 2.28 keys6.926.021
Autographed Beard of the Sovereign71.95 rares, 2.09 keys6.345.511
Autographed Bearzky113.49 rares, 3.29 keys10.008.701
Autographed Beast of The Iron Claw34.27 rares, 0.99 keys3.022.632
Autographed Beast of Vermilion Wilds94.19 rares, 2.73 keys8.307.221
Autographed Beast of the Moon 342.28 rares, 9.92 keys30.1626.231
Autographed Beautiful Haunting71.95 rares, 2.09 keys6.345.511
Autographed Beaver Knight96.58 rares, 2.80 keys8.517.403
Autographed Belt of Cadenza Magic Master1,055.43 rares, 30.59 keys93.0080.871
Autographed Belt of Deep Magma33.93 rares, 0.98 keys2.992.601
Autographed Belt of the Arsenal Magus129.15 rares, 3.74 keys11.389.901
Autographed Belt of the Bladesrunner91.36 rares, 2.65 keys8.057.001
Autographed Belt of the Eleven Curses113.49 rares, 3.29 keys10.008.701
Autographed Belt of the Gleaming Seal104.29 rares, 3.02 keys9.197.992
Autographed Belt of the Red Mountain65.71 rares, 1.90 keys5.795.031
Autographed Belt of the Twisted Arc2,836.94 rares, 82.23 keys, 1.10 tbrs249.98217.371
Autographed Berserker's Witchslayer171.59 rares, 4.97 keys15.1213.151
Autographed Bertha the Morde-bat52.43 rares, 1.52 keys4.624.022
Autographed Bessy the Batmeleon70.70 rares, 2.05 keys6.235.423
Autographed Big Bad Bandana21.00 rares1.851.612
Autographed Bindings of the Rift25.99 rares, 0.75 keys2.291.991
Autographed Black Pool Watcher34.50 rares, 1.00 key3.042.641
Autographed Blade of Chaos Incarnate624.18 rares, 18.09 keys55.0047.831
Autographed Blade of Cleaving Swiftness22.70 rares2.001.741
Autographed Blade of Eternal Reign65.25 rares, 1.89 keys5.755.005
Autographed Blade of Misery24.85 rares2.191.902
Autographed Blade of Tears63.44 rares, 1.84 keys5.594.8648
Autographed Blade of the Abyss544.85 rares, 15.79 keys48.0141.751
Autographed Blade of the Black Rider40.63 rares, 1.18 keys3.583.111
Autographed Blade of the Blood Covenant39.15 rares, 1.13 keys3.453.001
Autographed Blade of the Blood Covenant - Off-Hand19.75 rares1.741.511
Autographed Blade of the Dead Reborn45.96 rares, 1.33 keys4.053.521
Autographed Blade of the Demonic Vessel106.22 rares, 3.08 keys9.368.145
Autographed Blade of the Ephemeral Haunt453.83 rares, 13.15 keys39.9934.771
Autographed Blade of the Fire Dragon65.25 rares, 1.89 keys5.755.001
Autographed Blade of the New Year93.63 rares, 2.71 keys8.257.171
Autographed Blade of the Wandering Demon2,258.39 rares, 65.46 keys, 0.88 tbrs199.00173.041
Autographed Blade of the Witch Hunter143.56 rares, 4.16 keys12.6511.001
Autographed BladeBiter29.73 rares, 0.86 keys2.622.284
Autographed Bladebreaker Hood907.89 rares, 26.32 keys80.0069.571
Autographed Blades of Voth Domosh453.83 rares, 13.15 keys39.9934.774
Autographed Blindfold from the Gloom1,039.43 rares, 30.13 keys91.5979.641
Autographed Blitzy the Stormrunner17.59 rares1.551.354
Autographed Blood Chaser30.41 rares, 0.88 keys2.682.332
Autographed Blood Drainer48.00 rares, 1.39 keys4.233.6814
Autographed Blood Shard106.22 rares, 3.08 keys9.368.142
Autographed Bloodrage Axe24.74 rares2.181.901
Autographed Bloodstained Britches122.68 rares, 3.56 keys10.819.409
Autographed Blotto and Stick78.31 rares, 2.27 keys6.906.004
Autographed Blue Lightning340.35 rares, 9.87 keys29.9926.081
Autographed Blueheart Tails176.13 rares, 5.11 keys15.5213.502
Autographed Bobusang's Tobacco Fix24.51 rares2.161.882
Autographed Bonds of Madness46.87 rares, 1.36 keys4.133.591
Autographed Bonedress of the Yuwipi627.24 rares, 18.18 keys55.2748.061
Autographed Bonehunter Belt1,557.15 rares, 45.13 keys137.21119.311
Autographed Bonehunter Bracers1,135.44 rares, 32.91 keys100.0587.001
Autographed Bonehunter Skullguard1,401.11 rares, 40.61 keys123.46107.361
Autographed Bonehunter Slicer - Off-Hand201.44 rares, 5.84 keys17.7515.431
Autographed Bonehunter Spineguard2,026.19 rares, 58.73 keys, 0.79 tbrs178.54155.251
Autographed Bonehunter Tuskguard71.95 rares, 2.09 keys6.345.511
Autographed Bonsaiko25.99 rares, 0.75 keys2.291.995
Autographed Boooofus116.89 rares, 3.39 keys10.308.962
Autographed Boots of the Divine Anchor33.93 rares, 0.98 keys2.992.603
Autographed Bottom Watcher71.95 rares, 2.09 keys6.345.511
Autographed Bow of Forsaken Beauty65.25 rares, 1.89 keys5.755.001
Autographed Bow of Tranquility51.07 rares, 1.48 keys4.503.911
Autographed Bow of the Howling Wind257.50 rares, 7.46 keys22.6919.732
Autographed Bow of the Lone Traveler23.38 rares2.061.7920
Autographed Bow of the Master Thief737.66 rares, 21.38 keys65.0056.521
Autographed Bow of the Serpent88.41 rares, 2.56 keys7.796.771
Autographed Bracer and Band of Ancestral Luck141.75 rares, 4.11 keys12.4910.861
Autographed Bracers of Bird's Stone130.51 rares, 3.78 keys11.5010.001
Autographed Bracers of Profound Perfection616.35 rares, 17.87 keys54.3147.231
Autographed Bracers of Sinister Lightning56.74 rares, 1.64 keys5.004.351
Autographed Bracers of the Archivist1,055.09 rares, 30.58 keys92.9780.841
Autographed Bracers of the Awakened2,035.95 rares, 59.01 keys, 0.79 tbrs179.40156.001
Autographed Bracers of the Dark Magic964.64 rares, 27.96 keys85.0073.911
Autographed Bracers of the Frozen Feather885.88 rares, 25.68 keys78.0667.881
Autographed Bracers of the Witch Hunter510.69 rares, 14.80 keys45.0039.131
Autographed Braid of Delicacies of Butchery2,400.25 rares, 69.57 keys, 0.93 tbrs211.50183.912
Autographed Braid of Fiery Curls65.25 rares, 1.89 keys5.755.001
Autographed Braid of Tranquility21.56 rares1.901.651
Autographed Braid of the Father246.38 rares, 7.14 keys21.7118.882
Autographed Braids of Moonshadow65.25 rares, 1.89 keys5.755.001
Autographed Braids of the Dragonfire25.99 rares, 0.75 keys2.291.991
Autographed Braids of the Radiant Protector25.99 rares, 0.75 keys2.291.991
Autographed Bramble Watch110.65 rares, 3.21 keys9.758.481
Autographed Bramblehorn69.45 rares, 2.01 keys6.125.321
Autographed Breath of The Iron Drakken25.42 rares2.241.953
Autographed Bridle of the Fundamental27.01 rares, 0.78 keys2.382.072
Autographed Bright Moon Jeonmo223.23 rares, 6.47 keys19.6717.102
Autographed Broiler's Cleaver22.47 rares1.981.722
Autographed Broiler's Hook141.75 rares, 4.11 keys12.4910.861
Autographed Broken Shackles23.83 rares2.101.831
Autographed Brooch of the Gleaming Seal65.25 rares, 1.89 keys5.755.001
Autographed Bulwark of the Rogue Knight56.74 rares, 1.64 keys5.004.351
Autographed Burden of the Exiled Ronin74.67 rares, 2.16 keys6.585.721
Autographed Burning Spear65.25 rares, 1.89 keys5.755.001
Autographed Butch90.79 rares, 2.63 keys8.006.965
Autographed Buttercup261.02 rares, 7.57 keys23.0020.001
Autographed Call of the Dendrochron91.36 rares, 2.65 keys8.057.001
Autographed Cannonade27.01 rares, 0.78 keys2.382.074
Autographed Cap of the Fungal Lord30.75 rares, 0.89 keys2.712.362
Autographed Cape of Arcane Artistry616.35 rares, 17.87 keys54.3147.232
Autographed Cape of Cadenza Magic Master143.11 rares, 4.15 keys12.6110.971
Autographed Cape of Quas Precor182.71 rares, 5.30 keys16.1014.001
Autographed Cape of Sinister Lightning462.12 rares, 13.39 keys40.7235.415
Autographed Cape of the Arsenal Magus42.78 rares, 1.24 keys3.773.284
Autographed Cape of the Banished Princess28.03 rares, 0.81 keys2.472.151
Autographed Cape of the Crystalline Queen106.22 rares, 3.08 keys9.368.141
Autographed Cape of the Dark Magic343.41 rares, 9.95 keys30.2626.312
Autographed Cape of the Dead Reborn171.25 rares, 4.96 keys15.0913.121
Autographed Cape of the Eastern Range130.51 rares, 3.78 keys11.5010.001
Autographed Cape of the Frozen Feather944.32 rares, 27.37 keys83.2172.362
Autographed Cape of the Glacier Duster652.55 rares, 18.91 keys57.5050.001
Autographed Cape of the Gleaming Seal25.99 rares, 0.75 keys2.291.993
Autographed Cape of the Nightwatch25.42 rares2.241.952
Autographed Captain Bamboo44.49 rares, 1.29 keys3.923.412
Autographed Captain's Hook398.91 rares, 11.56 keys35.1530.571
Autographed Carty226.75 rares, 6.57 keys19.9817.377
Autographed Catalyst Cap64.69 rares, 1.88 keys5.704.963
Autographed Catastrophe10.67 rares0.940.8218
Autographed Cauldron of Summons27.35 rares, 0.79 keys2.412.101
Autographed Cauldron of Xahryx81.48 rares, 2.36 keys7.186.243
Autographed Caustic Rack61.62 rares, 1.79 keys5.434.722
Autographed Caustic Tarsus157.07 rares, 4.55 keys13.8412.031
Autographed Celestial Bane708.73 rares, 20.54 keys62.4554.301
Autographed Cercus of Whirling Death752.42 rares, 21.81 keys66.3057.651
Autographed Chain of Enduring Torment33.14 rares, 0.96 keys2.922.541
Autographed Chained Chopper65.25 rares, 1.89 keys5.755.001
Autographed Chained Snatcher56.74 rares, 1.64 keys5.004.351
Autographed Chained Wings22.36 rares1.971.712
Autographed Chaos Knight's Armlet of Mordiggian107.81 rares, 3.13 keys9.508.262
Autographed Charming Assassin Curls130.51 rares, 3.78 keys11.5010.001
Autographed Chest of the Renegade40.63 rares, 1.18 keys3.583.111
Autographed Children of Verodicia56.63 rares, 1.64 keys4.994.342
Autographed Chopper of the Mad Harvester21.00 rares1.851.614
Autographed Chronite Armor53.11 rares, 1.54 keys4.684.071
Autographed Chronite Bracers21.45 rares1.891.641
Autographed Chronite Scepter52.09 rares, 1.51 keys4.593.992
Autographed Chronoptic Crown130.51 rares, 3.78 keys11.5010.001
Autographed Claddish Guard34.05 rares, 0.99 keys3.002.611
Autographed Claddish Voyager's Treads118.37 rares, 3.43 keys10.439.071
Autographed Claive of Unyielding Stone1,045.44 rares, 30.30 keys92.1280.101
Autographed Clarity Blade of the Deep29.05 rares, 0.84 keys2.562.231
Autographed Claw of the Haruspex56.40 rares, 1.63 keys4.974.321
Autographed Claws of Cicatrix Regalia27.01 rares, 0.78 keys2.382.074
Autographed Claws of the Transmuted Armaments30.30 rares, 0.88 keys2.672.321
Autographed Cleaver of Delicacies of Butchery266.58 rares, 7.73 keys23.4920.431
Autographed Clergy Warhammer17.82 rares1.571.371
Autographed Cloak of Tranquility447.93 rares, 12.98 keys39.4734.321
Autographed Cloak of the Demonic Vessel473.69 rares, 13.73 keys41.7436.301
Autographed Cloak of the Nimble Edge39.27 rares, 1.14 keys3.463.011
Autographed Clock Master's Helmet65.25 rares, 1.89 keys5.755.001
Autographed Clock Master's Hook169.66 rares, 4.92 keys14.9513.001
Autographed Clock Master's Power Cogs260.68 rares, 7.56 keys22.9719.971
Autographed Clockwerk Watcher88.41 rares, 2.56 keys7.796.771
Autographed Cloud Forged Great Helm783.06 rares, 22.70 keys69.0060.002
Autographed Cloud Forged Great Wings25.99 rares, 0.75 keys2.291.991
Autographed Cluckles the Brave62.19 rares, 1.80 keys5.484.774
Autographed Coco the Courageous31.89 rares, 0.92 keys2.812.446
Autographed Cold Case Bow39.72 rares, 1.15 keys3.503.042
Autographed Cold Light of the Mist31.44 rares, 0.91 keys2.772.411
Autographed Collar of the Divine Anchor32.12 rares, 0.93 keys2.832.463
Autographed Commander's Helm of the Flameguard138.68 rares, 4.02 keys12.2210.632
Autographed Commodore's Kraken Slayer92.04 rares, 2.67 keys8.117.051
Autographed Compass Edge of the Voyager17.36 rares1.531.332
Autographed Conceit of the Wandering Harlequin97.71 rares, 2.83 keys8.617.492
Autographed Core of Stoneshard Majesty3,666.87 rares, 106.29 keys, 1.43 tbrs323.11280.971
Autographed Corpsemaker35.41 rares, 1.03 keys3.122.711
Autographed Corrupted Shard48.69 rares, 1.41 keys4.293.731
Autographed Corruptor30.41 rares, 0.88 keys2.682.332
Autographed Corsair, Son of the Storm52.09 rares, 1.51 keys4.593.993
Autographed Councilor's Mask81.48 rares, 2.36 keys7.186.241
Autographed Cowl of the Boreal Watch1,493.49 rares, 43.29 keys131.60114.431
Autographed Cowl of the Cold Hunt27.46 rares, 0.80 keys2.422.103
Autographed Cowl of the Consuming Tides71.95 rares, 2.09 keys6.345.511
Autographed Cranial Clap Trap513.30 rares, 14.88 keys45.2339.331
Autographed Craniomancer86.82 rares, 2.52 keys7.656.651
Autographed Crazed Tassels of the Black Death120.41 rares, 3.49 keys10.619.237
Autographed Crescent Bow56.74 rares, 1.64 keys5.004.357
Autographed Crescent Style99.87 rares, 2.89 keys8.807.651
Autographed Crest of the Magus Magnus442.60 rares, 12.83 keys39.0033.911
Autographed Crest of the Wyrm Lords126.76 rares, 3.67 keys11.179.711
Autographed Crimson Guard of Prosperity18.50 rares1.631.428
Autographed Crimson Wyvern Helm234.92 rares, 6.81 keys20.7018.002
Autographed Crown of Gore27.01 rares, 0.78 keys2.382.074
Autographed Crown of Omoz42.44 rares, 1.23 keys3.743.252
Autographed Crown of Perception77.17 rares, 2.24 keys6.805.911
Autographed Crown of Polymorphia326.27 rares, 9.46 keys28.7525.002
Autographed Crown of Sanguine Royalty86.82 rares, 2.52 keys7.656.651
Autographed Crown of the Comet's Tail56.74 rares, 1.64 keys5.004.351
Autographed Crown of the Death Priestess64.91 rares, 1.88 keys5.724.971
Autographed Crystal Dryad44.03 rares, 1.28 keys3.883.3735
Autographed Crystal Scavenger's Augmented Mace56.63 rares, 1.64 keys4.994.341
Autographed Crystal Scavenger's Galvanic Mining Headware70.93 rares, 2.06 keys6.255.431
Autographed Crystalline Initio40.51 rares, 1.17 keys3.573.101
Autographed Crystalline Sickles52.43 rares, 1.52 keys4.624.022
Autographed Crystallized Mana34.50 rares, 1.00 key3.042.641
Autographed Cuff Hook of the Black Death27.69 rares, 0.80 keys2.442.123
Autographed Cuffs of Oak and Yew373.37 rares, 10.82 keys32.9028.611
Autographed Cuffs of Quas Precor22.36 rares1.971.711
Autographed Cuffs of the Divine Anchor1,941.19 rares, 56.27 keys, 0.76 tbrs171.05148.741
Autographed Curse of the New Season46.30 rares, 1.34 keys4.083.551
Autographed Cursed Crescent31.44 rares, 0.91 keys2.772.411
Autographed Cyclone Wave Smasher of the Divine Anchor29.96 rares, 0.87 keys2.642.308
Autographed Cyril the Syrmeleon28.37 rares, 0.82 keys2.502.174
Autographed Dagger of the Dark Angel340.35 rares, 9.87 keys29.9926.081
Autographed Dark General's Mantle53.11 rares, 1.54 keys4.684.071
Autographed Dark Ruin Crusher169.66 rares, 4.92 keys14.9513.001
Autographed Dark Tracer439.08 rares, 12.73 keys38.6933.641
Autographed Dawn of the Moon Bow22.58 rares1.991.731
Autographed Dazolator170.23 rares, 4.93 keys15.0013.042
Autographed Dead Winter Mantle39.61 rares, 1.15 keys3.493.031
Autographed Dead Winter Soul46.19 rares, 1.34 keys4.073.542
Autographed Death Shadow Bow37.34 rares, 1.08 keys3.292.861
Autographed Death Shadow Bracers22.47 rares1.981.721
Autographed Death Shadow Cape42.22 rares, 1.22 keys3.723.232
Autographed Death Shadow Cowl22.47 rares1.981.721
Autographed Death Shadow Quiver22.47 rares1.981.721
Autographed Death Shroud of the Frozen Apostle512.39 rares, 14.85 keys45.1539.261
Autographed Deathripper48.23 rares, 1.40 keys4.253.705
Autographed Deathwielder115.64 rares, 3.35 keys10.198.863
Autographed Deep Observer65.25 rares, 1.89 keys5.755.001
Autographed Deep Vault Guardian Trident322.76 rares, 9.36 keys28.4424.734
Autographed Deep Warden's Darkray Cape179.20 rares, 5.19 keys15.7913.735
Autographed Defender of the Ivory Isles52.09 rares, 1.51 keys4.593.992
Autographed Defender's Armor71.95 rares, 2.09 keys6.345.511
Autographed Defender's Shanker16.91 rares1.491.302
Autographed Defiled Stinger30.07 rares, 0.87 keys2.652.302
Autographed Demon Blood Helm2,373.92 rares, 68.81 keys, 0.92 tbrs209.18181.901
Autographed Demon Guise of the Vandal15.66 rares1.381.201
Autographed Demonic Collar32.00 rares, 0.93 keys2.822.451
Autographed Dendi Doll32.57 rares, 0.94 keys2.872.5013
Autographed Depth of Field67.18 rares, 1.95 keys5.925.153
Autographed Descaler of the Scoundrel90.22 rares, 2.62 keys7.956.911
Autographed Desert Gale Armor51.18 rares, 1.48 keys4.513.922
Autographed Desert Gale Fouchard4,369.13 rares, 126.64 keys, 1.70 tbrs384.99334.771
Autographed Diabolical Appendages25.19 rares2.221.933
Autographed Diadem of the Goddess Enthroned326.27 rares, 9.46 keys28.7525.001
Autographed Diffusal Lance35.41 rares, 1.03 keys3.122.714
Autographed Direstone Crests1,517.43 rares, 43.98 keys133.71116.271
Autographed Direstone Pauldrons130.51 rares, 3.78 keys11.5010.001
Autographed Dirk of the Wicked Succubus71.95 rares, 2.09 keys6.345.511
Autographed Djinn Slayer Scarf34.05 rares, 0.99 keys3.002.612
Autographed Doom of Ithogoaki21.22 rares1.871.633
Autographed Doomling78.31 rares, 2.27 keys6.906.0087
Autographed Dragon Horse Spirit Totem20.43 rares1.801.574
Autographed Dragon Scale298.58 rares, 8.65 keys26.3122.881
Autographed Dragon Sword338.87 rares, 9.82 keys29.8625.973
Autographed Dragon's Breath34.05 rares, 0.99 keys3.002.613
Autographed Dragonblood Ravager531.57 rares, 15.41 keys46.8440.731
Autographed Dragonclaw Hook3,081.39 rares, 89.32 keys, 1.20 tbrs271.52236.107
Autographed Dragonfish Sceptre58.67 rares, 1.70 keys5.174.503
Autographed Dragonterror Armor36.09 rares, 1.05 keys3.182.771
Autographed Dragonterror Cape28.03 rares, 0.81 keys2.472.151
Autographed Dragonterror Helmet485.95 rares, 14.09 keys42.8237.231
Autographed Dragonterror Sword49.25 rares, 1.43 keys4.343.772
Autographed Drake Guard of the Frozen Apostle141.97 rares, 4.12 keys12.5110.882
Autographed Drapes of Ascension3,262.75 rares, 94.57 keys, 1.27 tbrs287.50250.001
Autographed Drapings of Quas Precor326.27 rares, 9.46 keys28.7525.001
Autographed Dreaded Bravo's Scarf56.74 rares, 1.64 keys5.004.351
Autographed Dreaded Forgewing113.49 rares, 3.29 keys10.008.701
Autographed Dreaded Greevil39.15 rares, 1.13 keys3.453.001
Autographed Dreadknight Crown1,771.76 rares, 51.36 keys156.12135.761
Autographed Edge of the Slain Dragon14.07 rares1.241.083
Autographed El Gato68.43 rares, 1.98 keys6.035.243
Autographed Elegant Stroke597.28 rares, 17.31 keys52.6345.771
Autographed Elemental Ice Body42.44 rares, 1.23 keys3.743.254
Autographed Elemental Ice Head18.73 rares1.651.434
Autographed Elemental Ice Infusion447.93 rares, 12.98 keys39.4734.322
Autographed Elemental Ice Left Arm88.41 rares, 2.56 keys7.796.774
Autographed Elemental Ice Right Arm74.79 rares, 2.17 keys6.595.732
Autographed Elixir of Dragon's Breath21.56 rares1.901.6533
Autographed Ember Spirit's Hat102.82 rares, 2.98 keys9.067.884
Autographed Emblazoned Arm of Delicacies of Butchery1,305.10 rares, 37.83 keys115.00100.001
Autographed Emerging Dragon26.22 rares, 0.76 keys2.312.012
Autographed Emissary's Blade8.85 rares0.780.6816
Autographed Empowering Elements35.41 rares, 1.03 keys3.122.711
Autographed Empyrean42.22 rares, 1.22 keys3.723.2357
Autographed Enchanted Manglewood Staff34.39 rares, 1.00 keys3.032.632
Autographed Enchanted Vision9.76 rares0.860.7526
Autographed Encore491.74 rares, 14.25 keys43.3337.681
Autographed End of Order51.86 rares, 1.50 keys4.573.973
Autographed Enduring War Dog30.75 rares, 0.89 keys2.712.363
Autographed Epaulets of the Divine Anchor522.04 rares, 15.13 keys46.0040.001
Autographed Epaulets of the Lucent Rider80.01 rares, 2.32 keys7.056.131
Autographed Epitaphic Bonds Armor25.99 rares, 0.75 keys2.291.993
Autographed Epitaphic Bonds Shoulders45.96 rares, 1.33 keys4.053.521
Autographed Equine Battlehelm36.20 rares, 1.05 keys3.192.771
Autographed Ernest Do of the Voyager200.19 rares, 5.80 keys17.6415.341
Autographed Etched Crescent of Yoskreth71.95 rares, 2.09 keys6.345.511
Autographed Ethereal Wings209.72 rares, 6.08 keys18.4816.071
Autographed Eul's Scepter of Divinity57.31 rares, 1.66 keys5.054.391
Autographed Eul's Scepter of the Magus88.41 rares, 2.56 keys7.796.772
Autographed Evergreen Stalker23.38 rares2.061.792
Autographed Everlasting Hair21.56 rares1.901.652
Autographed Evil Geniuses HUD130.51 rares, 3.78 keys11.5010.001
Autographed Excavator's Decorated Treasure113.26 rares, 3.28 keys9.988.682
Autographed Excavator's Treasure75.92 rares, 2.20 keys6.695.821
Autographed Execution Headclamp of the Black Death18.50 rares1.631.425
Autographed Executioner's Cape3,741.21 rares, 108.44 keys, 1.46 tbrs329.66286.661
Autographed Executioner's Hood4,464.80 rares, 129.41 keys, 1.74 tbrs393.42342.101
Autographed Experimentalist's Laboratory Essentials72.18 rares, 2.09 keys6.365.531
Autographed Exquisite Doubled Axe of the Veil89.31 rares, 2.59 keys7.876.841
Autographed Eye of Avernus25.99 rares, 0.75 keys2.291.993
Autographed Eye of Foresight89.31 rares, 2.59 keys7.876.841
Autographed Eye of Niuhi31.55 rares, 0.91 keys2.782.422
Autographed Eye of Omoz80.92 rares, 2.35 keys7.136.208
Autographed Eye of Thunderkeg88.41 rares, 2.56 keys7.796.771
Autographed Eye of the Eyrie474.38 rares, 13.75 keys41.8036.352
Autographed Face of Delicacies of Butchery261.02 rares, 7.57 keys23.0020.001
Autographed Falcon's Rise90.79 rares, 2.63 keys8.006.964
Autographed Fallen Sword1,134.87 rares, 32.89 keys100.0086.961
Autographed Familiar Woods50.50 rares, 1.46 keys4.453.871
Autographed Fan of Piercing Silence794.41 rares, 23.03 keys70.0060.871
Autographed Fashion of Yoskreth65.25 rares, 1.89 keys5.755.001
Autographed Fearless Badger30.75 rares, 0.89 keys2.712.361
Autographed Featherfall Bow88.41 rares, 2.56 keys7.796.772
Autographed Featherfall Cloak88.41 rares, 2.56 keys7.796.771
Autographed Featherfall Locks318.90 rares, 9.24 keys28.1024.431
Autographed Feral the Werebat27.69 rares, 0.80 keys2.442.123
Autographed Festive Robes of Good Fortune33.59 rares, 0.97 keys2.962.573
Autographed Fiery Soul of the Slayer499.34 rares, 14.47 keys44.0038.268
Autographed Fiery Ward of Eki Bukaw261.02 rares, 7.57 keys23.0020.002
Autographed Filmtail21.90 rares1.931.683
Autographed Fin King's Charm17.93 rares1.581.373
Autographed Finblade27.92 rares, 0.81 keys2.462.147
Autographed Fire of the Exiled Ronin125.86 rares, 3.65 keys11.099.641
Autographed Fireborn Odachi83.98 rares, 2.43 keys7.406.4317
Autographed Firestarter Fuel Cannister70.93 rares, 2.06 keys6.255.431
Autographed Firestarter Gas Mask52.09 rares, 1.51 keys4.593.991
Autographed Fishy Frillhawk531.57 rares, 15.41 keys46.8440.731
Autographed Fist of the Scarlet Quarry130.51 rares, 3.78 keys11.5010.001
Autographed Flags of the Equine Emissary4,464.80 rares, 129.41 keys, 1.74 tbrs393.42342.101
Autographed Flail of Omexe658.22 rares, 19.08 keys58.0050.431
Autographed Flail of the Death Charge39.15 rares, 1.13 keys3.453.001
Autographed Flail of the Drunken Cask52.43 rares, 1.52 keys4.624.021
Autographed Flail of the Great Elder70.93 rares, 2.06 keys6.255.432
Autographed Flame Bat38.81 rares, 1.13 keys3.422.973
Autographed Flaming Scepter of Ancestral Luck1,134.87 rares, 32.89 keys100.0086.961
Autographed Flares of the Solar Divine3,441.94 rares, 99.77 keys, 1.34 tbrs303.29263.731
Autographed Flesh Ripper24.85 rares2.191.901
Autographed Flight of the Jade Phoenix195.76 rares, 5.67 keys17.2515.001
Autographed Flintlock of the Divine Anchor42.44 rares, 1.23 keys3.743.252
Autographed Flourishing Lodestar17.48 rares1.541.3447
Autographed Flower Staff of the Peace-Bringer45.05 rares, 1.31 keys3.973.454
Autographed Flowering Treant72.63 rares, 2.11 keys6.405.575
Autographed Fluttering Mortis20.88 rares1.841.605
Autographed Flying Desolation63.67 rares, 1.85 keys5.614.882
Autographed Focus of Resonant Vibrance313.22 rares, 9.08 keys27.6024.003
Autographed Force Hook86.36 rares, 2.50 keys7.616.625
Autographed Force Staff63.67 rares, 1.85 keys5.614.881
Autographed Foreteller's Adorn106.22 rares, 3.08 keys9.368.141
Autographed Foreteller's Haircomb89.54 rares, 2.60 keys7.896.861
Autographed Form of the Atniw2,836.94 rares, 82.23 keys, 1.10 tbrs249.98217.371
Autographed Form of the Great Calamity23.72 rares2.091.823
Autographed Form of the Great Grey38.13 rares, 1.11 keys3.362.924
Autographed Form of the Onyx Grove814.95 rares, 23.62 keys71.8162.441
Autographed Form of the Wolf Hunter14.98 rares1.321.154
Autographed Formed Alloy Blades124.84 rares, 3.62 keys11.009.571
Autographed Fortune's Coin22.47 rares1.981.721
Autographed Fractal Horns of Inner Abysm431.36 rares, 12.50 keys38.0133.0512
Autographed Frost Owl's Beacon28.83 rares, 0.84 keys2.542.215
Autographed Frost Touched Cleaver601.03 rares, 17.42 keys52.9646.051
Autographed Frozen Formation35.98 rares, 1.04 keys3.172.761
Autographed Furious Rune177.04 rares, 5.13 keys15.6013.571
Autographed Garb of the Deadly Nightshade17.93 rares1.581.371
Autographed Garnet of the Scarlet Quarry 283.72 rares, 8.22 keys25.0021.742
Autographed Gauntlet of the Treacherous Demon23.72 rares2.091.822
Autographed Gauntlets of the Arsenal Magus66.16 rares, 1.92 keys5.835.071
Autographed Gauntlets of the Equine Emissary61.06 rares, 1.77 keys5.384.681
Autographed Gazing Eye of the Demon Witch52.54 rares, 1.52 keys4.634.031
Autographed Geodesic Eidolon32.12 rares, 0.93 keys2.832.4654
Autographed Ghost Orb of the Planeswalker68.66 rares, 1.99 keys6.055.261
Autographed Gift of the Awakened22.70 rares2.001.742
Autographed Gift of the Sea Fin60.03 rares, 1.74 keys5.294.601
Autographed Gift of the Sea Head2,003.61 rares, 58.08 keys, 0.78 tbrs176.55153.521
Autographed Gifts of the Vanished Isle Head158.31 rares, 4.59 keys13.9512.131
Autographed Gifts of the Vanished Isle Legs47.21 rares, 1.37 keys4.163.621
Autographed Gilded Falcon Helm147.53 rares, 4.28 keys13.0011.301
Autographed Girdle of the Nimble Edge31.66 rares, 0.92 keys2.792.431
Autographed Gladiator's Revenge Chain58.45 rares, 1.69 keys5.154.481
Autographed Gladiator's Revenge Trident90.68 rares, 2.63 keys7.996.951
Autographed Glaive of the Lucent Rider300.85 rares, 8.72 keys26.5123.051
Autographed Glaive of the Silent Champion261.02 rares, 7.57 keys23.0020.001
Autographed Glaves of the Crescent Moon303.12 rares, 8.79 keys26.7123.231
Autographed Gleaming Seal97.60 rares, 2.83 keys8.607.488
Autographed Gloomblade30.98 rares, 0.90 keys2.732.374
Autographed Gloried Horn of Druud1,109.33 rares, 32.15 keys97.7585.001
Autographed Golden Greevil105.77 rares, 3.07 keys9.328.108
Autographed Golden Reel Guardian Arms682.85 rares, 19.79 keys60.1752.321
Autographed Golden Reel Guardian Helmet24.51 rares2.161.883
Autographed Golden Reel Guardian Totem63.67 rares, 1.85 keys5.614.881
Autographed Golden Riptide104.63 rares, 3.03 keys9.228.021
Autographed Governor's Salakot423.76 rares, 12.28 keys37.3432.471
Autographed Gown of the Charred Bloodline3,359.89 rares, 97.39 keys, 1.31 tbrs296.06257.441
Autographed Gramma Sharpie's Smokin' Rug35.41 rares, 1.03 keys3.122.713
Autographed Grampa Sharpie's Shin Shooter46.30 rares, 1.34 keys4.083.551
Autographed Grand Blade of the Demigod113.83 rares, 3.30 keys10.038.722
Autographed Grand Claive of the Unshamed136.18 rares, 3.95 keys12.0010.431
Autographed Grand Crown of the Gigas100.44 rares, 2.91 keys8.857.701
Autographed Grand Voulge of the Dragon Guard1,957.65 rares, 56.74 keys, 0.76 tbrs172.50150.001
Autographed Graveheart Staff29.39 rares, 0.85 keys2.592.254
Autographed Gravelmaw38.81 rares, 1.13 keys3.422.9760
Autographed Great Helm of the Deep34.05 rares, 0.99 keys3.002.612
Autographed Great Moss Cape of the Fungal Lord33.37 rares, 0.97 keys2.942.561
Autographed Great Pipe of the Father Spirits27.12 rares, 0.79 keys2.392.081
Autographed Greater Purifier129.38 rares, 3.75 keys11.409.911
Autographed Greater Twin Blade90.79 rares, 2.63 keys8.006.961
Autographed Greathelm of the Chiseled Guard65.25 rares, 1.89 keys5.755.001
Autographed Grievous Grapnel42.44 rares, 1.23 keys3.743.256
Autographed Grievous Ingots141.75 rares, 4.11 keys12.4910.863
Autographed Grimoire The Book Wyrm93.63 rares, 2.71 keys8.257.175
Autographed Grudge in the Mist104.75 rares, 3.04 keys9.238.033
Autographed Grull the Grim Walker391.53 rares, 11.35 keys34.5030.001
Autographed Guard of Sinister Lightning65.25 rares, 1.89 keys5.755.001
Autographed Guard of the Lucent Rider35.41 rares, 1.03 keys3.122.711
Autographed Guillotine79.33 rares, 2.30 keys6.996.081
Autographed Gwanji the Thunder Lizard351.70 rares, 10.19 keys30.9926.951
Autographed Gwimyeon 57.76 rares, 1.67 keys5.094.432
Autographed Hair of Cadenza Magic Master35.18 rares, 1.02 keys3.102.703
Autographed Hair of Sinister Lightning3,893.39 rares, 112.85 keys, 1.51 tbrs343.07298.321
Autographed Hair of the Arsenal Magus130.51 rares, 3.78 keys11.5010.001
Autographed Hair of the Dark Magic89.54 rares, 2.60 keys7.896.863
Autographed Hair of the Witch Hunter21.90 rares1.931.681
Autographed Hair of the Wolf Hunter252.62 rares, 7.32 keys22.2619.361
Autographed Hairstyle of the Eastern Range45.17 rares, 1.31 keys3.983.461
Autographed Hakama of a Thousand Faces746.86 rares, 21.65 keys65.8157.231
Autographed Halberd of the Steppe1,081.64 rares, 31.35 keys95.3182.881
Autographed Halberd of the Valkyrie89.54 rares, 2.60 keys7.896.869
Autographed Hallowed Horde35.98 rares, 1.04 keys3.172.766
Autographed Hammer Time50.39 rares, 1.46 keys4.443.862
Autographed Hammer of Holy Words34.39 rares, 1.00 keys3.032.632
Autographed Hammer of Thunderwrath's Calling34.05 rares, 0.99 keys3.002.611
Autographed Hammer of the Skygods25.19 rares2.221.933
Autographed Hare Hunt Hat42.78 rares, 1.24 keys3.773.282
Autographed Hat of Fortune34.95 rares, 1.01 keys3.082.681
Autographed Hat of The Howling Wolf33.37 rares, 0.97 keys2.942.561
Autographed Hat of the Hunter129.94 rares, 3.77 keys11.459.961
Autographed Hat of the Nightwatch77.74 rares, 2.25 keys6.855.961
Autographed Hat of the Wild West47.10 rares, 1.37 keys4.153.611
Autographed Hatchet of the Shifting Sorcerer104.29 rares, 3.02 keys9.197.991
Autographed Head Opener of Incantations22.70 rares2.001.743
Autographed Head-Ache4,539.47 rares, 131.58 keys, 1.77 tbrs400.00347.831
Autographed Headdress of the Ember Crane1,872.53 rares, 54.28 keys165.00143.481
Autographed Headpiece of the Deadly Nightshade363.27 rares, 10.53 keys32.0127.831
Autographed Headress of the Crescent Moon40.51 rares, 1.17 keys3.573.102
Autographed Headwraps of the Acolyte of Clasz156.73 rares, 4.54 keys13.8112.011
Autographed Healing Fount of the Lost Isles60.03 rares, 1.74 keys5.294.601
Autographed Healing Ward of the Kuur-Ishiminari113.49 rares, 3.29 keys10.008.702
Autographed Heat68.09 rares, 1.97 keys6.005.223
Autographed Heaven Sent24.29 rares2.141.861
Autographed Heaven-Piercing Pauldrons388.24 rares, 11.25 keys34.2129.756
Autographed Heavenly General Armor69.34 rares, 2.01 keys6.115.312
Autographed Heavenly Guardian Bow137.89 rares, 4.00 keys12.1510.571
Autographed Heavy Barbed Back2,146.49 rares, 62.22 keys, 0.84 tbrs189.14164.471
Autographed Heavy Butterfly Blades31.89 rares, 0.92 keys2.812.444
Autographed Heavy Helm of the World Runner71.95 rares, 2.09 keys6.345.511
Autographed Heavy Steel Axe155.48 rares, 4.51 keys13.7011.911
Autographed Heavy Tenderizer25.99 rares, 0.75 keys2.291.996
Autographed Heir's Cover34.50 rares, 1.00 key3.042.641
Autographed Heir's Steps100.55 rares, 2.91 keys8.867.704
Autographed Heirloom of the Temple Priestess71.95 rares, 2.09 keys6.345.511
Autographed Hellborn Grasp35.75 rares, 1.04 keys3.152.747
Autographed Hellfire Edge460.64 rares, 13.35 keys40.5935.301
Autographed Hellgazer25.99 rares, 0.75 keys2.291.992
Autographed Hellstrider24.97 rares2.201.915
Autographed Hellthorn Scepter22.47 rares1.981.723
Autographed Hellthorn's Sword50.50 rares, 1.46 keys4.453.871
Autographed Helm of Ascension64.57 rares, 1.87 keys5.694.951
Autographed Helm of Cicatrix Regalia39.15 rares, 1.13 keys3.453.001
Autographed Helm of Eternal Fire113.49 rares, 3.29 keys10.008.701
Autographed Helm of Impasse56.63 rares, 1.64 keys4.994.342
Autographed Helm of Infernal Despair149.35 rares, 4.33 keys13.1611.441
Autographed Helm of Thunderwrath's Calling72.18 rares, 2.09 keys6.365.531
Autographed Helm of the Chaos Hound66.50 rares, 1.93 keys5.865.101
Autographed Helm of the Dark Wraith760.36 rares, 22.04 keys67.0058.261
Autographed Helm of the Fallen Princess77.85 rares, 2.26 keys6.865.973
Autographed Helm of the Fire Dragon65.25 rares, 1.89 keys5.755.001
Autographed Helm of the Harbinger104.29 rares, 3.02 keys9.197.991
Autographed Helm of the Nimble Edge52.43 rares, 1.52 keys4.624.021
Autographed Helm of the Red Mountain776.48 rares, 22.51 keys68.4259.501
Autographed Helm of the Silent Guardian3,647.81 rares, 105.73 keys, 1.42 tbrs321.43279.501
Autographed Helm of the Slithereen Exile25.76 rares2.271.972
Autographed Helm of the Static Lord24.97 rares2.201.912
Autographed Helm of the Warbringer2,490.47 rares, 72.19 keys, 0.97 tbrs219.45190.831
Autographed Helm of the Warrior's Retribution460.64 rares, 13.35 keys40.5935.302
Autographed Helmet of The Iron Drakken20.43 rares1.801.572
Autographed Helmet of the Convicts879.64 rares, 25.50 keys77.5167.401
Autographed Helmet of the Silent Champion99.30 rares, 2.88 keys8.757.611
Autographed Helmet of the Transmuted Armaments50.50 rares, 1.46 keys4.453.871
Autographed Helmet of the Tribunal3,148.69 rares, 91.27 keys, 1.23 tbrs277.45241.261
Autographed Hobbly Cape77.06 rares, 2.23 keys6.795.901
Autographed Hobbly-Bob3,916.88 rares, 113.53 keys, 1.52 tbrs345.14300.121
Autographed Hollow Jack35.98 rares, 1.04 keys3.172.766
Autographed Hood of Endless Intellect37.79 rares, 1.10 keys3.332.903
Autographed Hood of Resonant Vibrance29.96 rares, 0.87 keys2.642.304
Autographed Hood of the Conjurer15.66 rares1.381.201
Autographed Hood of the Cruel Magician70.93 rares, 2.06 keys6.255.432
Autographed Hood of the Demonic Vessel56.74 rares, 1.64 keys5.004.351
Autographed Hood of the Hierophant56.74 rares, 1.64 keys5.004.351
Autographed Hook of Delicacies of Butchery648.58 rares, 18.80 keys57.1549.701
Autographed Hook of the Mad Harvester152.30 rares, 4.41 keys13.4211.672
Autographed Hook of the Sorrowful Prey65.37 rares, 1.89 keys5.765.019
Autographed Horn of Luminous Crystal18.27 rares1.611.401
Autographed Horned Helm of the Frozen Apostle64.01 rares, 1.86 keys5.644.902
Autographed Horned Mother34.05 rares, 0.99 keys3.002.612
Autographed Horned Visage of the Ravenous Fiend25.76 rares2.271.972
Autographed Horns of Blight65.25 rares, 1.89 keys5.755.001
Autographed Horns of Deep Magma1,055.43 rares, 30.59 keys93.0080.871
Autographed Horns of Malicious Efflorescence1,208.18 rares, 35.02 keys106.4692.571
Autographed Horns of the Crypt Guardian141.75 rares, 4.11 keys12.4910.861
Autographed Horns of the Death Charge686.94 rares, 19.91 keys60.5352.631
Autographed Horns of the Eternal Nymph108.38 rares, 3.14 keys9.558.301
Autographed Horns of the Peace-Bringer112.35 rares, 3.26 keys9.908.611
Autographed Horns of the Sovereign389.49 rares, 11.29 keys34.3229.842
Autographed Horns of the Wicked Succubus212.56 rares, 6.16 keys18.7316.291
Autographed Hunter's Helm1,552.50 rares, 45.00 keys136.80118.961
Autographed Huo - Blade of Prosperity25.76 rares2.271.972
Autographed Ice Burst Bow67.87 rares, 1.97 keys5.985.201
Autographed Iceforged Cape56.74 rares, 1.64 keys5.004.351
Autographed Iceforged Hair52.09 rares, 1.51 keys4.593.991
Autographed Iceforged Shoulders46.30 rares, 1.34 keys4.083.551
Autographed Iceforged Spirit25.99 rares, 0.75 keys2.291.992
Autographed Icewrack Pack98.51 rares, 2.86 keys8.687.553
Autographed Icewrack's Fist25.99 rares, 0.75 keys2.291.9914
Autographed Iguana's Bow74.11 rares, 2.15 keys6.535.681
Autographed Immemorial Emperor's Mantle21.22 rares1.871.631
Autographed Immemorial Emperor's Scythe147.53 rares, 4.28 keys13.0011.301
Autographed Infectious Amalgamate149.35 rares, 4.33 keys13.1611.441
Autographed Infernal Shredder70.93 rares, 2.06 keys6.255.431
Autographed Infesting Claws462.12 rares, 13.39 keys40.7235.411
Autographed Insatiable Bonesaw113.83 rares, 3.30 keys10.038.729
Autographed Instagib OSP23.15 rares2.041.778
Autographed Inverse Bayonet31.78 rares, 0.92 keys2.802.4333
Autographed Ironwood Arms of the Fungal Lord33.37 rares, 0.97 keys2.942.561
Autographed Ishul-Shog the Watcher25.76 rares2.271.973
Autographed Itsy58.67 rares, 1.70 keys5.174.506
Autographed Izoku522.04 rares, 15.13 keys46.0040.001
Autographed Jade Talon35.41 rares, 1.03 keys3.122.716
Autographed JanJou88.18 rares, 2.56 keys7.776.761
Autographed Jewel of the Forest Bow32.23 rares, 0.93 keys2.842.472
Autographed Jin - Blade of Prosperity1,815.79 rares, 52.63 keys160.00139.131
Autographed Jin and Yin Fox Spirits95.78 rares, 2.78 keys8.447.348
Autographed Juju o' Wicked Badness124.84 rares, 3.62 keys11.009.571
Autographed Juljae Sword126.76 rares, 3.67 keys11.179.711
Autographed Kangdae the Dokkaebi47.78 rares, 1.38 keys4.213.662
Autographed Kerveros the Hound of Chaos26.22 rares, 0.76 keys2.312.011
Autographed Key to the Bone Ruins30.07 rares, 0.87 keys2.652.301
Autographed Killstealer154.12 rares, 4.47 keys13.5811.811
Autographed Kindred of the Iron Dragon25.99 rares, 0.75 keys2.291.9915
Autographed Kinetic Gem58.45 rares, 1.69 keys5.154.4829
Autographed Knight Statue92.95 rares, 2.69 keys8.197.121
Autographed Kraken Shell130.51 rares, 3.78 keys11.5010.002
Autographed Kraken's Bane1,754.73 rares, 50.86 keys154.62134.451
Autographed Kunkka's Shadow Blade317.76 rares, 9.21 keys28.0024.354
Autographed Kupu the Metamorpher25.76 rares2.271.972
Autographed LGD's Golden Skipper45.51 rares, 1.32 keys4.013.493
Autographed Lamb to the Slaughter23.95 rares2.111.8355
Autographed Laments of the Dead17.14 rares1.511.315
Autographed Lantern of Auspicious Days71.95 rares, 2.09 keys6.345.511
Autographed Lantern of the Archivist1,134.87 rares, 32.89 keys100.0086.961
Autographed Lash of the Summoned Lord226.75 rares, 6.57 keys19.9817.371
Autographed Last Judgment21.22 rares1.871.635
Autographed Leaf of the Nimble Edge1,100.37 rares, 31.89 keys96.9684.312
Autographed Legs of the Brood Queen1,892.39 rares, 54.85 keys166.75145.001
Autographed Lesser Purifier71.72 rares, 2.08 keys6.325.501
Autographed Lesser Twin Blade149.35 rares, 4.33 keys13.1611.442
Autographed Leviathan Whale Blade198.38 rares, 5.75 keys17.4815.2012
Autographed Lighted Scepter of Serendipity2,836.94 rares, 82.23 keys, 1.10 tbrs249.98217.371
Autographed Little Green Jade Dragon49.14 rares, 1.42 keys4.333.775
Autographed Living Nelum289.39 rares, 8.39 keys25.5022.171
Autographed Locks of the New Bloom35.41 rares, 1.03 keys3.122.712
Autographed Lone Traveler's Beret33.93 rares, 0.98 keys2.992.604
Autographed Lost Hills Bow717.35 rares, 20.79 keys63.2154.971
Autographed Lost Hills Shoulder29.62 rares, 0.86 keys2.612.273
Autographed Lovebear25.99 rares, 0.75 keys2.291.992
Autographed Loyal Slave of Cadenza Magic Master24.74 rares2.181.904
Autographed Lucentyr184.76 rares, 5.36 keys16.2814.162
Autographed Luminous Edge339.33 rares, 9.84 keys29.9026.001
Autographed Luscious Locks45.28 rares, 1.31 keys3.993.471
Autographed Luxuriant Chin-Foliage70.93 rares, 2.06 keys6.255.431
Autographed Lyralei's Breeze25.76 rares2.271.973
Autographed MLG Scalehound27.01 rares, 0.78 keys2.382.074
Autographed MLG Tethered Sentinel722.12 rares, 20.93 keys63.6355.331
Autographed Mace of Vincere226.75 rares, 6.57 keys19.9817.372
Autographed Mace of the Chosen59.58 rares, 1.73 keys5.254.574
Autographed Magnificent Flame12.03 rares1.060.9212
Autographed Mana Pool124.84 rares, 3.62 keys11.009.571
Autographed Mane of the Demon Stone600.35 rares, 17.40 keys52.9046.001
Autographed Mane of the Sunwarrior44.49 rares, 1.29 keys3.923.411
Autographed Mania's Mask38.47 rares, 1.12 keys3.392.9535
Autographed Mantle of Ancestral Luck806.66 rares, 23.38 keys71.0861.811
Autographed Mantle of Hell's Ambassador92.95 rares, 2.69 keys8.197.121
Autographed Mantle of the Cruel Magician65.25 rares, 1.89 keys5.755.002
Autographed Markswoman's Cap53.11 rares, 1.54 keys4.684.071
Autographed Mask o' Wicked Badness123.13 rares, 3.57 keys10.859.431
Autographed Mask of Dark Ferocity1,687.44 rares, 48.91 keys148.69129.301
Autographed Mask of Quas Precor248.08 rares, 7.19 keys21.8619.011
Autographed Mask of the Bladesrunner123.93 rares, 3.59 keys10.929.501
Autographed Mask of the Mad Harvester32.34 rares, 0.94 keys2.852.482
Autographed Mask of the Scoundrel261.02 rares, 7.57 keys23.0020.002
Autographed Mask of the Third Insight23.72 rares2.091.825
Autographed Mask of the Wandering Demon34.05 rares, 0.99 keys3.002.611
Autographed Masks of Ancestral Luck6.24 rares0.550.481
Autographed Master Assassin's Tails201.89 rares, 5.85 keys17.7915.472
Autographed Mattock of Distortion45.96 rares, 1.33 keys4.053.522
Autographed Maw of the Devourer35.18 rares, 1.02 keys3.102.701
Autographed Maximilian the Beetlebear28.83 rares, 0.84 keys2.542.212
Autographed Meadow's Mercy18.27 rares1.611.405
Autographed Meat Dragger52.09 rares, 1.51 keys4.593.991
Autographed Mecha Boots of Travel Mk III32.57 rares, 0.94 keys2.872.507
Autographed Medallion of the Divine Anchor25.53 rares2.251.962
Autographed Mega-Kills: Pyrion Flax195.76 rares, 5.67 keys17.2515.001
Autographed Mentor of the High Plains Ceremonial Banner30.07 rares, 0.87 keys2.652.302
Autographed Mentor of the High Plains Decorated Pauldrons30.07 rares, 0.87 keys2.652.301
Autographed Mentor of the High Plains Great Cuirass30.07 rares, 0.87 keys2.652.302
Autographed Mentor of the High Plains Guard26.78 rares, 0.78 keys2.362.052
Autographed Mentor of the High Plains Left Tiger Hook71.95 rares, 2.09 keys6.345.511
Autographed Mentor of the High Plains Right Tiger Hook52.09 rares, 1.51 keys4.593.991
Autographed Meranth Executioner's Blade36.20 rares, 1.05 keys3.192.771
Autographed Merry Wanderer's Brush14.30 rares1.261.107
Autographed Midnight Locks138.00 rares, 4.00 keys12.1610.572
Autographed Might of the Old World92.61 rares, 2.68 keys8.167.101
Autographed Mighty Horns of the Father17.70 rares1.561.363
Autographed Mischievous Dragon Wings25.76 rares2.271.972
Autographed Mistblade60.49 rares, 1.75 keys5.334.633
Autographed Mistral Braid71.95 rares, 2.09 keys6.345.512
Autographed Modestly Braided Beard4,330.66 rares, 125.53 keys, 1.68 tbrs381.60331.831
Autographed Mok41.42 rares, 1.20 keys3.653.172
Autographed Mokkin, the Ancient Conductor88.41 rares, 2.56 keys7.796.771
Autographed Molten Fracture71.95 rares, 2.09 keys6.345.511
Autographed Molten Genesis234.92 rares, 6.81 keys20.7018.001
Autographed Monty54.47 rares, 1.58 keys4.804.173
Autographed Morcant43.13 rares, 1.25 keys3.803.302
Autographed Morok's Mechanical Mediary42.78 rares, 1.24 keys3.773.283
Autographed Mortar Forge Claw32.12 rares, 0.93 keys2.832.465
Autographed Mortar Forge Helm1,475.33 rares, 42.76 keys130.00113.041
Autographed Mortar Forge Rocket Cannon71.95 rares, 2.09 keys6.345.511
Autographed Mortar Forge Steam Exoskeleton405.38 rares, 11.75 keys35.7231.062
Autographed Mourning Mother's Dress119.39 rares, 3.46 keys10.529.151
Autographed Mourning Mother's Scarf19.97 rares1.761.531
Autographed Mourning Mother's Top19.97 rares1.761.531
Autographed Mourning Mother's Veil567.43 rares, 16.45 keys50.0043.481
Autographed Mr. Depth Driller37.11 rares, 1.08 keys3.272.842
Autographed Muh Keen Gun29.73 rares, 0.86 keys2.622.285
Autographed Murder Mask36.77 rares, 1.07 keys3.242.822
Autographed Mysterious Vagabond's Concoction515.12 rares, 14.93 keys45.3939.471
Autographed Mysterious Vagabond's Hat79.33 rares, 2.30 keys6.996.081
Autographed Na'Vi's Weaselcrow39.15 rares, 1.13 keys3.453.007
Autographed Nature's Grip90.68 rares, 2.63 keys7.996.951
Autographed Naval Mine170.12 rares, 4.93 keys14.9913.033
Autographed Necklace of Scarlet Raven3,658.48 rares, 106.04 keys, 1.42 tbrs322.37280.321
Autographed Necropolis51.52 rares, 1.49 keys4.543.951
Autographed Nether Grandmaster's Points39.72 rares, 1.15 keys3.503.041
Autographed Nether Grandmaster's Ward301.99 rares, 8.75 keys26.6123.141
Autographed Nether Heart63.67 rares, 1.85 keys5.614.881
Autographed Nether Lord's Bracer171.59 rares, 4.97 keys15.1213.151
Autographed Netherax, Nightmare of the Mist37.56 rares, 1.09 keys3.312.881
Autographed Nibbles the Wartoise65.25 rares, 1.89 keys5.755.001
Autographed Nightmare Blade19.75 rares1.741.513
Autographed Nightsilver Bow51.41 rares, 1.49 keys4.533.942
Autographed Nightsilver Locks28.60 rares, 0.83 keys2.522.191
Autographed Nimble Ben100.78 rares, 2.92 keys8.887.724
Autographed Noctis the Heavenly Qilin Guardian163.31 rares, 4.73 keys14.3912.512
Autographed Noriet the Dusky Guardian30.75 rares, 0.89 keys2.712.364
Autographed Nyx Assassin's Dagon227.43 rares, 6.59 keys20.0417.434
Autographed Obsidian Golem25.76 rares2.271.973
Autographed Octopus Hat86.48 rares, 2.51 keys7.626.631
Autographed Ocula the Observer119.62 rares, 3.47 keys10.549.171
Autographed Oculus Ephemeral25.76 rares2.271.971
Autographed Offhand Blade of the Witch Hunter2,176.34 rares, 63.08 keys, 0.85 tbrs191.77166.761
Autographed Ol' Chopper's Cleaver86.48 rares, 2.51 keys7.626.632
Autographed Ol' Chopper's Dinner Bringer12.71 rares1.120.973
Autographed Ol' Chopper's Grizzled Face176.25 rares, 5.11 keys15.5313.503
Autographed Old Ironsides Pauldrons98.39 rares, 2.85 keys8.677.541
Autographed Omen74.67 rares, 2.16 keys6.585.721
Autographed One Horn71.72 rares, 2.08 keys6.325.501
Autographed Orb of Reminiscence34.84 rares, 1.01 keys3.072.671
Autographed Ormr the Lunar Dragon23.15 rares2.041.774
Autographed Ornaments of the Gleaming Seal171.59 rares, 4.97 keys15.1213.152
Autographed Ornate Hat of Good Fortune44.83 rares, 1.30 keys3.953.433
Autographed Outland Witch's Horns34.05 rares, 0.99 keys3.002.611
Autographed Outland Witch's Spirits1,109.33 rares, 32.15 keys97.7585.001
Autographed Outland Witch's Tatters31.32 rares, 0.91 keys2.762.401
Autographed Pack of the Woodland Outcast373.37 rares, 10.82 keys32.9028.611
Autographed Pale Mausoleum18.27 rares1.611.4082
Autographed Pauldron Perch33.93 rares, 0.98 keys2.992.606
Autographed Pauldron of the Nimble Edge47.44 rares, 1.38 keys4.183.631
Autographed Pauldrons of Ascension1,248.36 rares, 36.18 keys110.0095.651
Autographed Pauldrons of the Boreal Watch38.81 rares, 1.13 keys3.422.971
Autographed Pauldrons of the Equine Emissary56.74 rares, 1.64 keys5.004.353
Autographed Pauldrons of the Fire Dragon65.25 rares, 1.89 keys5.755.001
Autographed Paws of the Shadowcat130.51 rares, 3.78 keys11.5010.001
Autographed Penumbral Cloak149.35 rares, 4.33 keys13.1611.441
Autographed Penumbral Crest44.37 rares, 1.29 keys3.913.402
Autographed Penumbral Hood27.69 rares, 0.80 keys2.442.122
Autographed Penumbral Shawl27.35 rares, 0.79 keys2.412.101
Autographed Penumbral Warblade92.38 rares, 2.68 keys8.147.081
Autographed Perceptive Spiderling1,724.66 rares, 49.99 keys151.97132.151
Autographed Phantom's Reaper43.01 rares, 1.25 keys3.793.305
Autographed Phasma Phasmatis Blade51.64 rares, 1.50 keys4.553.961
Autographed Phoenix Helm of Prosperity100.10 rares, 2.90 keys8.827.672
Autographed Pincers of the Chosen Larva54.25 rares, 1.57 keys4.784.161
Autographed Pine-Sage Sigil Stones144.36 rares, 4.18 keys12.7211.061
Autographed Pirate Slayer's Black Flag22.58 rares1.991.731
Autographed Pistol Blade of the Hunter3,779.11 rares, 109.54 keys, 1.47 tbrs333.00289.571
Autographed Plate of the Summoned Lord34.05 rares, 0.99 keys3.002.611
Autographed Plated Bracers of the Demon Stone118.03 rares, 3.42 keys10.409.042
Autographed Plates of Sundering47.78 rares, 1.38 keys4.213.665
Autographed Plume of the Crested Cannoneer56.63 rares, 1.64 keys4.994.341
Autographed Plunder of the High Seas67.18 rares, 1.95 keys5.925.157
Autographed Polearm of the Magnoceri4,699.60 rares, 136.22 keys, 1.83 tbrs414.11360.101
Autographed Porcine Princess Penelope35.41 rares, 1.03 keys3.122.712
Autographed Portal156.61 rares, 4.54 keys13.8012.001
Autographed Possessed Blade35.41 rares, 1.03 keys3.122.712
Autographed Power of the Red Horse25.99 rares, 0.75 keys2.291.991
Autographed Powered Star56.63 rares, 1.64 keys4.994.341
Autographed Prestidigitator's Oculus359.07 rares, 10.41 keys31.6427.511
Autographed Prestidigitator's Source of Sorcery212.56 rares, 6.16 keys18.7316.292
Autographed Prey of the Demonic Vessel17.82 rares1.571.371
Autographed Prey-Tracker's Aspect Mask981.77 rares, 28.46 keys86.5175.231
Autographed Primal Form of the Tentacular Timelord138.68 rares, 4.02 keys12.2210.632
Autographed Primeval Staff21.11 rares1.861.623
Autographed Primeval Treant106.22 rares, 3.08 keys9.368.141
Autographed Prismatic Drake79.78 rares, 2.31 keys7.036.115
Autographed Prison Shank65.25 rares, 1.89 keys5.755.001
Autographed Prisoner's Anchor61.62 rares, 1.79 keys5.434.723
Autographed Pudgling16.00 rares1.411.2320
Autographed Pyre19.18 rares1.691.477
Autographed Quiver of Tranquility34.61 rares, 1.00 keys3.052.651
Autographed Quiver of the Wild Wind150.60 rares, 4.37 keys13.2711.541
Autographed Rachel the Morde-bat65.25 rares, 1.89 keys5.755.001
Autographed Rack of Sundering1,493.49 rares, 43.29 keys131.60114.431
Autographed Radiant Claive58.67 rares, 1.70 keys5.174.501
Autographed Radiant Crystal Haul46.19 rares, 1.34 keys4.073.542
Autographed Ragestone Axe24.74 rares2.181.903
Autographed Raider's Patch57.54 rares, 1.67 keys5.074.413
Autographed Raiq208.48 rares, 6.04 keys18.3715.971
Autographed Rampant Outrage17.02 rares1.501.308
Autographed Rampant the Scaled Hunter30.19 rares, 0.88 keys2.662.314
Autographed Rapture35.18 rares, 1.02 keys3.102.701
Autographed Raven Scythe46.19 rares, 1.34 keys4.073.542
Autographed Raw Hide365.43 rares, 10.59 keys32.2028.001
Autographed Reaper of the Deep30.87 rares, 0.89 keys