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User agreed a trade of an unusual + $5 paysafe giftcard in return for my stormy storm milkman. Now refusing to either give a $5 giftcard, or a 2 key equivalent even with plenty of time given to do so. Screenshot of chat and trade https://imgur.com/a/Ns1Pdfa

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    Teeny Tiny Cat commented

    Please provide screenshots of the complete chat with the accused via your Friend Chat Message history. Please do this in a web browser and in at least one of the screenshots hover your mouse over the accused's name so that their profile URL shows in the bottom corner of the browser. All screenshots need to be uncropped and unedited. ´╗┐

    You can view your Friend Chat Message history by going logging into Steam and going to,

    Steam Support > My Account > Data Related to your Steam Account > Friend Chat Messages´╗┐

    We also need screenshots of the trade full screen and UNCROPPED in a browser, with your mouse hovered over the username/picture of the account so that the profile URL pops up in the bottom corner of the screen.

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    OverduePixels commented

    Closing due to lack of follow up. You can reopen this yourself if you would like to add the required evidence.

    A guide on reporting can be found here - https://forums.backpack.tf/topic/53663-guide-for-reporting-on-the-main-site/

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