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User Report: 76561198856405383 (AyeD!mus |

I offered to buy his unusual, and I sent him a trade. His unusual for keys. However, at the last second, he declines my offer and sends me another one without his unusual there. Just my keys going to him, hoping I wouldn't notice. Thankfully, I caught on in time and declined.

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    Alec commented

    Hi, I'm not a Mod but I can say this is a bit confusing right now.

    You are reporting "dobosito"

    who doesn't have TF2 Inventory (only CS:GO)

    You mention the name of this guy "AyeD!mus |"

    who doesn't seem having an Unusual for sale.

    Maybe you could try and find the account that you were going to trade with?

    And look through you sent/received offers for more information?

    I just want to make sure your Steam account is not compromised

    as described here:

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    Syntak [⇌] commented · Syntak [⇌] edited

    Hmmm.... interesting. My account is fine, but I did notice that his name had changed since I posted the report. After looking back through my trade offers, I noticed that I was dealing with two different people, the same two you mentioned. "dobosito" was the name of the account who offered the trade in the picture I provided, the one without the unusual. "AyeD!mus |" was the name of the account who offered me the original trade for his unusual, which he then declined (and then the alt account sent the other?) Anyways, I'm not sure what happened to the unusual in his inventory, but his backpack does seem familiar. I appreciate your help in this matter and your concern for my account's safety, just trying to make this guy's ways known!

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    Marty Birdman commented

    Based on what you are describing, your account may actually be compromised. For your safety, please update your password immediately and if you see an API key listed here - - revoke it. Unless these steps are taken, it is possible for your trade offers to continue to be manipulated.

    Do you recall being asked to sign into an unfamiliar website recently? This is the most common way that scams of this nature begin.

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    Syntak [⇌] commented · Syntak [⇌] edited

    Thanks for the response. I have already updated my password, and from what I can tell, my trade offers have never been manipulated. From what happened, the scammer only sent a new offer to me, trying to get me to make a trade I never agreed to. The old offer that I tried to accept was never altered, it was only declined. I have yet to experience any weird occurrences with my account or during trading. For extra precaution, I have taken the steps you provided to ensure my account's safety. Thank you both for your time!

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    Marty Birdman commented

    Does what I mentioned above sound familiar at all/do you recall being asked to sign into an unfamiliar website any time recently?

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    Syntak [⇌] commented

    No, I haven't been asked to sign into an unfamiliar website recently. Again, nothing weird has been happening with my account, just a scam attempt, which I avoided.

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    Marty Birdman commented

    Without proof linking the accepted trade to a scam attempt, we don't have the full picture of what happened here. However, the reported user has been linked to another banned user, and has been banned from the site as a result. Thank you for your report.

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